2006 Bath of the Year: Master of Distinction

There’s no reason a bathroom can’t have the same level of sophistication as the rest of the house. That point’s well proven in this master bath, where exquisite works of art are showcased within a space that reflects the cool, restrained elegance of today’s new classicism. And the bath fits hand-in-glove with the adjacent master bedroom, even though the latter was pretty much left intact with a few important modifications and the former virtually newly constructed.

The original entrance to this master bath felt “incidental and cramped.” Thus, the team, consisting of Jim Winer of Menefee and Winer Architects, and Stan Topol and Reynolds Brown of Stan Topol & Associates, worked toward a better sequence of entry spaces, flowing from the suite entrance into and through the bedroom, master bath and closets. By creating some spatial depth from the entrance to the bedroom and bathroom, the team made the spaces feel more remote and secure. A foyer leads to the closet and dressing area as well as the master bath, and one can enter the bathroom from the bedroom directly as well. This sets up a functional arrangement where someone can get up, bathe, dress and then leave without re-entering the bedroom. The architectural firm created the exterior box for Stan Topol & Associates to detail and finish.

winning Atlanta bathroomGiven the generous size of the master bath, the space was divided into several distinct compartments, all intimate in scale. Each of the two entries to the bath consists of a distinct small foyer. The water closet/bidet area is in close proximity to the bedroom entrance. There is a linen hall that leads to the wet area made up of a shower and soaking tub; because garden views were important to the owners, the shower and tub overlook the stunning backyard. Even the vanities and the dressing table have their own well-defined spaces that lead to the large closets, complete with packing areas.

With polished marble floors and countertops, which Brown and the clients selected on a buying trip to Miami, and plenty of reflective mirrored surfaces, this master bath is precisely the kind of light-filled space the owners were looking for. But that’s no coincidence—having a client who believed in the essential value of architecture and interior design was paramount. Topol and his team even customized the cabinets to such an extent that they created a new finish—an ivory finish, in fact, that was new to the Downsview custom line of cabinetry.