5 questions for: Mandy and Kelvin Slater

The husband-and-wife duo behind Slater Hospitality talk the future of their innovative beer garden, Nine Mile Station, sited on the Ponce City Market rooftop next to the team’s other concept, Skyline Park.

Nine Mile Station is unique in both its concept and rooftop location.
Kelvin: We kind of just stumbled into Ponce City Market. When we found out they were looking to do something [on the rooftop], we were like, “That’s where we need to be.” You get not only the food, the beer garden and the atmosphere of the restaurant, but you also get this amazing view.

The space feels sophisticated but fun. How did you accomplish that?
Mandy: We really wanted to bring the outdoors in and give that garden feel inside. We have the live plant wall, and we went with green tile and carried that throughout. We wanted it to have that fun, bright feel the park has: airy, open, with views of the outdoors from panoramic windows.

The food and atmosphere have a communal feel.
Mandy: We wanted to focus on groups and community, with the traditional beer-garden–style seating and the food, but with a sophisticated feel. The menu has something for anybody—vegetarian, meats, shared plates. It’s really customizable for whoever’s here, whether it’s a single person sitting at the bar or a party of 12 friends.

How will the menus evolve for spring?
Kelvin: We have very talented guys here, and they’re always looking to up the game a little. As it starts to get a little warmer outside, we’ll be focusing on a whole sparkling beverage program.

You’ve also hosted special events, such as your New Year’s eve party. What’s next?
Kelvin: We want to have a huge Fourth of July. We’re also doing one for St. Patrick’s Day.
Mandy: We’ll hit all the big ones but then maybe mix in a few of our own. We’ll be doing something along the lines of “spring has sprung” and maybe a beer fest. We’re looking into partnering with Turner Classic Movies for a sort of “screen on the green.” It kind of all works together for us up here.