A Warm Welcome

Designer Beth Ervin infuses a Brookhaven home with equal parts comfort and classic style.

If designer Beth Ervin could conjure up the perfect clients, the owners of this Brookhaven home would aptly describe them. Their warm and welcoming personalities were easy to infuse into the timeless interiors.

“They’re both so unpretentious, and she is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet,” says Ervin. “Everywhere we’d shop, she’d find the prettiest things. And she knows what she likes.”

That said, one of the things that impressed Ervin most was her client’s ability to go with the flow. “If a piece of furniture wasn’t available or a fabric was out of stock, she’d say, ‘Don’t worry; we’ll find something else.’ And, invariably, that ‘something else’ would evolve into something better than we’d originally planned. It all played right into my personal mantra: There’s no such thing as a decorating emergency.”

The project started in 2005, when Ervin worked with her clients on the main house. That, in turn, led to the sunroom addition and, later, a family room, complete with a pair of early 19th-century French doors still with their original paint. The rustic architectural elements are perfect examples of how—just when you think you have a handle on this home’s refined aesthetic—you can expect the unexpected.

The color scheme, on the other hand, is consistent. “My client likes color, but soft and subtle,” says Ervin. “I can’t imagine painting a room in her house red! Fabrics were, for the most part, Rose Tarlow, with soft and muted palettes—a vintage feel. And we used old Oushaks everywhere, the exception being the sunroom, where we used a wool-and-cotton woven rug to mix up the textures a little.”

“I feel like I could move right in, and I can’t say that very often. The home reflects their tastes as much as mine,” the designer reflects. “But they particularly love that it’s warm and inviting, and that’s the highest compliment anyone can give me.”

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