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Atlanta Designer Amanda Lankford Shares Her Home Remodeling Journey – a page from Amanda's style journal, brought to you by Capital Lighting

Describing herself as “a self-taught creative who has been playing with flowers from a very young age”, Atlanta-based floral and event designer Amanda Lankford, owner of Amanda Jewel Floral + Design draws inspiration from organic beauty and the wild, asymmetrical patterns in nature. She believes her appreciation for nature helps her create beautiful, unique designs for her clients. You might find Amanda styling a wedding venue, crafting a meticulously detailed, custom floral accessory or hosting a creative workshop at her charming Tucker studio. However, we caught up with her as she was working on a personal project close to her he(art)– remodeling and redecorating her new home.

Photography Credit: Four Corners Photography

How long have you called Atlanta home? 
Born and raised and have never left. Atlanta is my forever home.

What factors were important to you in buying your home? 
I was seeking an open concept and a home that felt newer but had lots of character. I prefer a home rather than a house with walls where there’s no charm. I was seeking a home where I could put my personal touch on it.

How would you describe it?
A beautiful four-sided brick home overlooking a creek, nestled in the woods, in an amazing community.

What has the remodeling experience taught you?
It cannot all be done in a day. My personality wants to get it all done in one day but design doesn’t work that way.

What is your top advice for someone contemplating a remodel/ redecorating?
Do it! It is so rewarding to see the before and after images. Make sure you do it right the first time and do not settle. Take time to find that right piece or fixture.

What upcoming trends do you see making a dent in interior design?
Wallpaper is back and better than ever. Also, deep tones are trending in wall colors over neutrals like eggshell and gray.

Photography credit: Four Corners Photography

Amanda chose the Rylann Chandelier for her dining room. “I just loved its updated transitional design and vintage-inspired details,” she notes. 
How do you read a room’s personality and know what colors and decor might work?
I think any room could have any personality. Each person or family has a certain design that they lean toward so take time to learn that design and stick to it. I firmly believe that you have to live in your home, not anyone else, so design and decorate it for you.
At what stage do you start thinking about lighting and light fixtures? How critical a role do they play?
Before we closed on our house, I was already talking light fixtures. Every single one needs to and will be replaced because it plays a giant role in a remodel. Lighting is everything even if it is a hall light fixture. Lighting not only helps us see in our home but it brings lots of personality to space and fixtures even become conversation pieces.
What are your top tips for choosing interior lighting?
Know the design and decor in your space. Also, make sure you are cohesive with your light fixtures throughout but have fun with a room or two just to give a little character or personality within the home.
What’s different about styling the exteriors and finding the right outdoor light fixtures?
We have a brick home and brick tends to be hard to match well with exterior fixtures at times. Also, in our neighborhood, we needed to adhere to the HOA’s guidelines and get their approval. So, going with a funky fixture was not going to fly. I suggest picking a subtle exterior fixture that complements your home’s style and your taste.

Photo Credit: Four Corners Photography

Amanda chose the Braden 3-Light Outdoor Wall Lantern from Capital Lighting for her front porch. Braden offers a hint of craftsman character paired with a touch of industrial detail. Its mission-style design featuring a straight profile and clean lines complements the home’s beautiful brick exteriors, creating the cozy, welcoming feel she wanted. Plus, it’s durably crafted to hold up against the elements for many seasons to come.
What are your top tips for choosing exterior lighting?
Placement and the size of the fixture are key. You want the fixture to complement the house, not overpower it or even look too small. The placement of the fixtures is key because you want them to either flank your front door to create an inviting entrance for your guests or position a single light for the outside patio to stand on its own because it has lots of personality to show off. Fixtures that are done well can stand on their own and look beautiful without the help of any other design.
Where do you shop for lighting?
Showrooms are everything. Like many people, I’m a hands-on or visual learner. To be able to see the light hanging really makes a big difference. It’s a multi-sensory experience. Sometimes it is hard to imagine a 6-foot chandelier will fit in your space even if you measured it a dozen times but seeing it in person helps you visualize and comprehend the scale.
If there was one change you could make to a home to give it a face lift, what would it be?
One of the first things that my husband and I noticed in our new home is that the light fixtures needed updating. Our home was built twenty years ago and not one fixture had been updated. Interior design is just the same as fashion design, it changes! Fixtures now have so much personality and much more to offer than ever before so I strongly suggest considering investing in lighting, whether you’re going to continue to live in it or are thinking about selling it. I have no doubt that the investment will be well worth it and your home will get a major face lift.
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