Ann Mashburn

Her husband, Sid, owns one of the top men’s clothing shops in the country, located at Atlanta’s Westside Urban Market. And in early June, Ann Mashburn literally took her place next to him, having opened her own clothing store just a few doors down.

Her namesake shop, she says, is an “edited collection of things I love. There are wonderful clothes in this city and lots of places to find them. This is simply my point of view, reflecting my experience as an editor and all my years at fashion magazines.”

Her fashion résumé, in fact, includes experience at Vogue, where she worked for Polly Mellon—whom Ann still counts as an important fashion mentor. “She was my very first boss in New York and the greatest fashion influence in my life,” Ann says, “and actually one of the greatest personal influences, as well. She was the fashion editor of Vogue, and I loved and hated her enormously.”

So what was the impetus for this venture? Ann gives much of the credit to her five daughters, ranging in age from 9 to 20. “Like it or not, we have a family business. But with five girls, we are way more interested in women’s fashion in this house,” says Ann. “They kept saying ‘Mom, come on. You have to do this.’ ”

Ann hopes that her store is the female counterpoint to her husband’s. “We are very similar in our tastes, perhaps owing to the fact that we grew up together, in a way; we met in New York at age 23. Both shops are just edited collections of what we love and think wonderful. Either we find it or we make it.”

But, she’s quick to add, Ann Mashburn is about personal style more than fashion. “It’s not about beauty; it’s about confidence and style. I want people to feel good about how they look, help them create their own style.” It’s no different from the lessons she’s taught her own girls.



My home reflects… love and conflict, a busy house where we are all learning to love each other better.
I get my best inspiration… when I am trapped behind the wheel of a car while fetching my daughters.
My fashion sense of style is best described as…great (I hope). I have a few different styles, I would say, that all kind of work for me.
The accessory I won’t leave home without is…my phone.
If you looked in my closet, you’d see…a mess.
My favorite way to entertain at home…doesn’t matter as long as they are friends and family—and will eat what I set before them, happily. I am keen on compliments!
The one beauty product I can’t live without is… my Mason Pearson hairbrush.
The one place in Atlanta I always take guests is… our shop, Sid Mashburn. I am very proud.
My signature fragrance is… Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien and Jo Malone Verbena; I switch between them.
My favorite museums are… The Metropolitan Museum of Art, for its grandeur, and the Frick—and the Louvre and d’Orsay, of course.
When I get an unexpected day to myself… I can’t imagine!
The person I look up to most is… lately, my girls’ piano teacher, Arleen­ Wood. I have met few people in my life who are as full as she.
My signature color is… navy blue. I am crazy for anything nautical with stripes.
The car I drive is…a black station wagon.
My latest fashion discovery is…a wonderful shoe company that makes the most fabulous ballet flats; they’re classic, well-priced and have no labels—perfect. It’s Pretty Ballerinas from London and Montreal.
The place I love to travel is…anywhere in Europe.
What most people don’t know about me is…I am incredibly impatient (though there are six people who live with me who are very clear on that fact).
The first thing I see when I wake up is…Sid.
My Sunday routine… is church, sports, homework and family dinner.
My proudest professional moment came when…the engagement article written up in Sid’s hometown paper listed me as “the fashion editor of Vogue.” I was the assistant to the fashion editor.


Favorite table linens: My well-worn Pierre Deux cloth napkins that we have used at every meal for 20-plus years; they are full of happy memories and a few stains
Favorite fashion designer: I don’t have one but I think Miuccia Prada is brilliant
Favorite dinnerware: I have beautiful Gien red toile plates with bugs on them
Favorite flower: Peony
Favorite music: Anything my girls play on the piano
Favorite wine: I don’t have a favorite; I am not the least bit picky
Favorite artisanal food: Pleasant Ridge cheese from Wisconsin—and anything Anne Quatrano cooks
Favorite artist: Henri Rousseau
Favorite furniture style: French
Favorite architectural style: Anything in Paris