Anthony | Wolf

Whether it’s real estate, fashion or fine dining, Buckhead has always been synonymous with luxury. But the community has recently experienced a resurgence as an interior design destination—and not just for the trade. In November, interior designer Kelly Anthony launched the shop-as-home lifestyle boutique Anthony | Wolf on East Andrews, the perfect complement to newcomers Scout, Vintage and BEE as well as longtime veterans Pieces, Boxwoods and Lush Life.

Laid out like an airy loft—complete with bedroom, closet, bar, living and dining areas—a walk through Anthony | Wolf feels like stepping into one of your most stylish friend’s houses—except everything is for sale, including a line of swoon-worthy Leigh & Luca scarves, a rack of sculptural dresses by cult favorite Poleci and exquisite jewelry by Avindy.

Anthony, also owner of the 15-year-old Wolf Design Group, believes the boutique will appeal to the “non-traditional but traditional-type people.” The designer’s own twists on tradition include a floating drum chandelier with hand-beaded crystals piercing its center; one-of-a-kind dog beds with linen upholstery and nailhead trim; and a pair of vintage, glam-inspired dome chairs.

But more than the designer’s custom creations, it’s an incredible array of earthy-but-elegant accessories and the juxtaposition of traditional with the unexpected that speak volumes about her well-edited eyes. And a word about the artwork: Though the contemporary masterpiece “Hummingbird,” painted by her mother, Patricia Wolf, is for sale, don’t ask about “Donkey,” above the register. It’s one of Anthony’s personal favorites—and the only in-store item not for sale.

The designer and shop owner shares a few of her favorite things

+ My favorite places to shop are… Saks Fifth Avenue, K-La Boutique, Gucci and small, individually owned boutiques around the world. And always Bergdorf Goodman when I’m in New York.

+ When I go out in Atlanta, you’ll find me at… 10° South, the restaurant my husband and I own.

+ My biggest splurges are… always on purses, shoes, travel and wonderful dinners with family and friends.

+ The best thing I’ve recently discovered is…! They’re homemade cookies I found in Los Angeles that taste like cookie dough, only baked. They’re free of preservatives and hydrogenated oils and have three grams of fiber, so I don’t feel too guilty eating them!

+ I like to collect… purses, shoes and one of-a-kind friends.

+ The luxuries I’d never give up are… my moisturizer (seriously!) and my personal time—it’s sacred.

+ My heroes are… My husband, Justin, and Matthew Quinn of Design Galleria. They are both super-human! My parents: my mom, for being such a strong and talented woman; my father, who always called me a diamond in the rough. That [phrase] always reminds me that I can become something better and more beautiful, which is why I’m always aspiring.

+ What’s your zodiac and do you think the traits of your sign affect how you approach design? Aries. And, yes, definitely! I’m adventurous and inventive, and my designs convey that. I juxtapose elements in unexpected ways, and I like the statement that high-contrast design makes. I’m also very energetic and enthusiastic, which is key to seeing marathon design projects through to fruition. Aries are risk takers. Opening a store in this economy was a huge risk, but I wouldn’t change a thing about what we’ve done!

56 East Andrews Dr., Atlanta 30305. (404) 261-7778;