Comfort Cooking

As many of us return to the kitchen, pivot to porch parties and socialize in small groups, Keith Robinson reminds us to take satisfaction in simple pleasures, at a time we need it most

Elevating the art of everyday living is second nature for Keith Robinson.

After all, the celebrated tastemaker has orchestrated some of the city’s most stylish soirees through his event design company, Gloriosa. And while his core focus these days is choreographing the design and creation of beautiful garden and landscape projects across the South (Robinson studied environmental design at university), the renowned host is still sharing his knowledge with others on all things culinary, in the garden and at the table.

Home for Robinson is Redwine Plantation, a 19th-century residence just south of Atlanta in Palmetto, Georgia. It’s also the site of his intimate and socially distanced lifestyle seminars—dubbed “Redwine Sessions”—which cover an array of topics on living the good life and reflect the spirit of each season. Summer classes may have an emphasis on gardening, while December’s classes feature Robinson’s unique imprimatur on the holidays. “The January cooking sessions will be focused on comfort food in different genres,” says Robinson. “From casseroles to soups and stews to roasting to desserts—all of it.”

Regardless of season or topic, whether it’s braising, pruning plants or amending garden soil, he adds that his students are craving this sort of 360-degree approach to cooking, gardening and entertaining, even if it’s just for the people in their immediate households. Robinson is also quick to point out that the advice he shares with his students will serve them well long after they’ve left the comfort of the Redwine teaching pavilion, where classes are held.

“When people are provided the elements they’re working with, and given hands-on instruction, and the license to create without restriction, they’re a lot more free,” says Robinson. “It’s been beautiful to see people have these breakthroughs.” One student actually cried with gratitude after one of the classes, he confesses. “She said, ‘I didn’t know entertaining could be this easy.’” With a teacher like Robinson, there’s no doubt any one of us could become the host or hostess of our own dreams.

For information on upcoming classes, follow @RedwineSessions on Instagram, or send an email to [email protected].