Creative Freedom

The autumn opening of Indie Studios is serendipitous for the team behind the workspace for design-oriented creatives. “A lot of things are fortuitous about our design. When those decisions were made, no one could have known the value of them,” explains Gene Kansas, whose eponymous company developed the space on behalf of CineMassive. Indie, a converted 1957 warehouse designed by Revive Architecture principal Laura Daniel and furnished by interior designer Tara Dennis of Archie Bolden, is located on Buckhead’s Armour-Ottley Loop and will feature 12 private studios for teams of eight to 20 staffers. Each features its own HVAC system (so you’re not breathing the building’s recirculating air) and a generous private outdoor patio. Tenants and their teams can make use of amenities including the 150-foot front garden space, indoor bike storage and shower rooms for cyclists, a nursing room for new mothers and a cafe. The library sports a 20-by-12-foot video display wall with ultrafast fiber internet. “Our telepresence ability is out of this world,” says Kansas. “Who would have thought that would have been as important as it is?”