Design at Work // Spitzmiller & Norris

The workspaces of three of the city’s most respected design firms are as chic and comfortable as the homes they create.

For 25 years, the residential design firm of Spitzmiller & Norris was housed in a traditionally designed office. But since owners Rick Spitzmiller and Robert Norris moved to their new ADAC West location a few years ago, work doesn’t seem like work, even when it surrounds them all day.

Both men believe atmosphere has everything to do with creativity and productivity, and they were adamant about finding a space with an abundance of natural light. “We spend long stretches of time at drawing tables and desks, and the connection we now enjoy with the outdoors keeps us from feeling isolated from the world,” explains Spitzmiller.

The 1,800-square-foot office is almost half the size of their old one, but doesn’t seem so. “Thanks to technology, we need less space for file cabinets and storage now,” Norris says. Defining this sophisticated yet relaxed environment is a soothing, warm white-and-stone palette, and 13-foot-high ceilings that allow light and air to flow unimpeded. However, with less square footage, all furnishings—a mix of classical and contemporary pieces—have to serve a real purpose. “Everything in this office is functional and aesthetically pleasing,” notes Norris.