Green Scene: The Materials

Setting a green table is easy—our grandmothers have been doing it for years. Plates and silver are passed from generation to generation, ensuring a system of reuse and recycling; vintage linens are a treasure and made with pure cotton. Organic flowers are sold in bundles by the same farmers who take their fresh produce to market each week. Even if new and hip design is more your speed, there are now lines of organic textiles that help set a “green” table.

(1) Chic, earthy-colored taper candles are made from pure, local beeswax; these burn clean and are long-lasting. Source: Petroleum-free candles, Waldenour.

(2) Green design doesn’t mean that one has to sacrifice style. These hand-cut, recycled-glass plates are called Plates with Purpose; proceeds from the sale of each plate go to various charities. Source: Plates with Purpose, Waldenour.

(3) Contrary to popular belief, beautiful patterns are the norm in natural, organic textiles. Explore patterns and color to mix and match with patterns already existing in your home. Source: Textiles, Waldenour.