Happy Medium

With the help of his stylish friends who are the minds behind R Hughes showroom, a savvy homeowner found himself at home in a polished country abode

“I saw this house on Serenbe’s Instagram feed one day. It just stood out,” says Ryan Hughes, founder of R Hughes showroom, who called his good friend and real estate agent Jared Sapp to go look at it. At the showing, Hughes convinced Sapp—who was not seriously in the market at the time—that this small brick cottage was just the escape Sapp needed. Even in Atlanta’s feistiest traffic, Sapp can get from his modern Midtown high-rise to this soulful spot in Serenbe’s Mado community in under an hour.

Before Sapp had much time to question the idea, Hughes made a deal-sealing offer to oversee the decorating of the still under-construction home. He also volunteered the design services of his R Hughes partner, Steven Leonard. Both men are adamant that they are not decorators, but Hughes had a hunch about this house and the deal was done. Plus, “Jared made a solemn promise to let us run with it,” says Leonard. 

“I sell real estate for a living, but I had to let the reins go on this one and trust the designers, not the client,” says Sapp. Quickly things ensued, a darker finish on the floors was specified and the refrigerator was upgraded to a hidden panel front style. Then the three friends began the interiors process. 

Privacy was a concern, and Leonard devised the idea to drape both sides of the main room in simple white sheers. “That really helped define the space,” says Hughes, who had long admired the channeled sofa from Dixon Rye. “Green just felt like the right color,” he explains of the fitting choice for the agrarian setting that he pulled all through the small house with contrasting splashes of saffron and mustard. The best part of designing with your friends? Getting margaritas at Superica before going shopping for finds. “It was important to me that the house felt collected and acquired, which is hard to do in six months,” says Hughes. The happy client admits: “There’s a lot of personality in here and it’s so comfortable.”

INTERIOR DESIGN Ryan Hughes and Jared Sapp, R Hughes, (404) 607-8877; r-hughes.com