Soft and Soulful

New furnishings and objects d'art from R Hughes showroom form the basis for an exquisite residence by interior designer Susan Ferrier

When given carte blanche  with a showhouse project, there have been instances were the talent has employed every design trick—at once. The resulting space is often an amalgamation of ideas, but without focus. For this showhouse residence, however, designer Susan Ferrier chose to tackle the givens of the space—including white walls, floor-to-ceiling windows and a challenging architectural column—and treated them as the client, devising solutions around them. Eschewing the immediate impluse to use bold paint colors to “make an impact,” Ferrier chose to spend funds on draperies and custom, large-scale art, which helped to define intimate, individual spaces within a somewhat open floorplan. The resulting spaces are personal, and pieces from R Hughes showroom imbue the rooms with a serene and calming effect. A soft palette adds an organic touch to the high-rise space, while careful layering of accessories, reminiscent of still lifes, transforms this house into a true home.


Susan Ferrier, McAlpine, Booth & Ferrier Interiors, (404) 501-9200; R Hughes (to the trade), (404) 607-8877; (dining) SILVER FLOOR LAMPS Barbara Cosgrove (lounge) SCROLL METAL CHAIR Nicholson Gallery BLACK STARBURST MIRROR Foxglove Antiques & Galleries ARCHED DESK LAMP Bungalow Classic (bedroom) SCROLL METAL CHAIR Nicholson Gallery