In the Kitchen With: Ian Winslade and Austin Rocconi

Vinings’ newest eatery serves up classic comfort food with a modern twist.

Paces & Vine, the latest project from the team behind Murphy’s Restaurant, marks the first collaboration between executive chef Ian Winslade and chef de cuisine Austin Rocconi, but that hasn’t stopped the duo from whipping up a menu that puts a new spin on traditional cuisine.

“We started with a menu where we looked to Murphy’s and took some of the things that worked,” says Winslade, who also serves as executive chef at the famous Virginia-Highland eatery and splits his time between the two restaurants. “But through the winter and into the spring, you’ll see this restaurant take on a more unique identity of its own.”

Sited in Vinings Jubilee, Paces & Vine blends authenticity with finesse, serving up contemporary American fare prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Selections include Murphy’s favorites, such as the famous artichoke appetizer, as well as new dishes like slow-cooked salmon steak served with risotto and Swiss chard. “We want people to feel comfortable,” says Rocconi. “We want to send them away impressed but not feeling out of place.”

The restaurant will continue to evolve throughout the coming year, as both chefs share ideas and tinker in the kitchen—particularly wth seafood recipes. “Once we get it completely set the way we want it, then we can really start to have a lot more fun,” says Winslade. “What’s brilliant about having two spots is that one can bounce off the other.”