Jane Scott Hodges

AH&L: What was it about Atlanta that made you want to open a store here?

Jane Scott Hodges: When Leontine Linens launched in New Orleans 10 years ago, we saw areas of the U.S. that had a strong interest in our products, and we had lots of clientele in Atlanta. The taste level here is a perfect match for our products. It’s a beautiful Southern city and is really the hub of the Southeast. It’s a destination. People come here to shop.

AH&L: What made you choose to open your store in the Galleries of Peachtree Hills?

Hodges: We are so excited about the Galleries. It’s such a first-rate development. I’ve been looking for a long time to find the perfect spot in Atlanta, and this is a perfect match for us. Plus it’s right behind ADAC, which is a mecca for all designers. We feel good about being there.

AH&L: How did you get into the business of luxury linens and fabulous personalization?

Hodges: I got started in 1996, and it came from a personal need. I was getting married and couldn’t find beautiful monogrammed linens. I couldn’t find anything in New Orleans, which amazed me. I thought, Wouldn’t it be great to create what people like me are looking for? And that’s where the whole idea came from. It’s taking the idea of what’s old is new again. You can take these Old World things and remake them and they’re not frumpy, but they’re fresh and new. It’s all so personal. These days people are looking for things that are made just for them and not mass produced.

AH&L: Can you believe how far you’ve come in just 10 years?

Hodges: It’s amazing. We grew the business is such an organic way, all on referrals and word of mouth. When I went to New York about a year into the business, I really understood that people were looking for something like this. There really is a need. And now we’re the exclusive line of linens at Bergdorf Goodman. We’ve been there for three years and we’re the only one. It’s a really nice relationship.

AH&L: What’s next for you and Leontine Linens?

Hodges: We’re just really excited to be in Atlanta and get to know the people there. We’re excited to show people what you can do with beautiful linens. There are a lot of choices, so hopefully we can expertly guide people and give them the opportunity to create really beautiful rooms.

Leontine Linens, 425 Peachtree Hills Ave., (404) 869-3435, leontinelinens.com.