Jeweled Beauty

Interior designer Amy Morris infuses a sprawling Sandy Springs abode with bold hues and a healthy dose of glamour.

When interior designer Amy Morris’ client found the perfect home for her busy family of five—a great location and expansive property—she fell in love immediately. After the initial attraction wore off, however, she realized that the Sandy Springs house needed help in almost every respect. Stephen Fuller of Stephen Fuller Designs was hired to execute substantial renovations, and Morris was enlisted to bring big city style. “The lovely architectural interior finishes give off a more rustic farmhouse feel,” says Morris. “My client is extremely chic, so I wanted to make sure the house reflected that side of her as well.”

Many of the rooms exude femininity—curved legs, lacquered finishes and shots of purple—which Morris balanced with clean-lined furniture in tailored menswear fabrics, frill-free window treatments and shades of charcoal gray. Purple may not be the easiest color to decorate with, but variations of the shade, from pale lavender to aubergine, prevent it from feeling heavy-handed. “So many people are afraid of color, so they keep everything monochromatic,” says Morris. “You can add color without plastering it everywhere like the overdone look of the ’90s with all the cranberries and greens. I think some color adds personality, and my client looks great in these rooms.”

The home may be pretty, but it also has many practical elements for a single mother of four who loves to entertain. Morris had the plans changed to create a galley-style butler’s pantry with room for everything, including an apron sink and a library ladder on wheels to reach the highest shelves. The cabinets, some of which are faced with chicken wire, harmonize with the farmhouse finishes throughout the rest of the house. In the kitchen, a faucetless sink serves as a built-in ice bucket for easy access during parties. The laundry room even has a separate wash-up area for dirty feet and pets.

Light fixtures, especially the oversized chandeliers, make striking appearances throughout the home, even in the outdoor dining space. “I think lighting is so important. It’s like the jewelry for the rooms,” says Morris. “I don’t believe in a lot of fussy accessories. I like things that make a statement.” She also underscores the importance of antiques, which she intersperses with more modern elements. It’s a strategy that consistently strives for balance, resulting in interiors that suit her client in the best possible way.

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