Tour Atlanta’s Esteemed Chastain Park Neighborhood—and Learn Why it’s One of Atlanta’s Most Coveted Areas

Built in the 1940s, Atlanta's Chastain Park neighborhood is booming with bustling development and activities

If a movie were made about Chastain, it would open with scenes of golf carts darting around the perimeter of Chastain Memorial Park, children scurrying into swim lessons, tennis and pickleball matches, happy horses prancing around a ring, parents cheering on Northside Youth Organization (NYO) teams, and a friendly tablescape battle commencing pre-concert at the amphitheatre. This may just be Atlanta’s most amenity-rich and family-friendly neighborhood.


The 268-acre park was built in the 1940s to provide recreational opportunities for the city and spur residential growth in an area previously home to two almshouses. Fulton County had owned the broader 1,000-acre area since 1900, and then-commissioner Troy Chastain wisely advised that a park makes a great community amenity. He also proposed spending $300,000 to build an outdoor concert theater, which was considered shocking at the time. By 1945, “North Fulton Park” had its now iconic amphitheatre, a golf course (the first of its kind), clubhouse, Olympic-size swimming pool, tennis courts, horse stables, and polo fields. A year later, to honor the commissioner, the park was renamed Chastain Memorial Park.

2.4Median Single Family Home price (based on sales for last 12 months)

$607  Price per square foot of most expensive listing (March 2024)

8.9M  Cost for expansion and renovation of Chastain Horse Park as envisioned by architect T.S. Adams

2,000  Estimated number of households in Chastain Park, which includes 30342 and 30327 zip codes


In 2002, Chastain neighbors acknowledged that their park needed a caretaker and rallied to found the Chastain Park Conservancy. These efforts were largely led by Chastain Park resident J.P. Matzigkeit, who served as chairman of the Conservancy and helped implement the first Chastain Park Master Plan in 2008. Today, he and his wife, Linda, host Wine Chastain, an annual fundraiser in its 13th year. This year marks the Conservancy’s 20th, and they’re holding true to Troy Chastain’s green vision: “Chastain is a gem within the Metro area’s greenspace necklace, and we want to provide more access to passive greenspace, more natural areas,” said Rosa McHugh, the conservancy’s president and CEO. “Having 268 acres in the middle of a neighborhood helps you put roots somewhere. It’s such an easy icebreaker to meet someone at the park.”

“As part of the Chastain Park Conservancy, I’ve worked alongside several dedicated people whose passion helped to transform the area into the vibrant, diverse community it is now. I’ve been there for many years and have enjoyed all the neighborhood has to offer.” —John Albanese, Harrison Design

If You Know, You Know
The fabled Chastain Park Witches Cave: If you grew up around Chastain pre-1970s, you probably have memories of this legend—a rocky tunnel in the park that kids loved to play in and conjure up witchy tales to make the trek through the dark lair super spooky and fun. Some less-than-playful adults covered the entrances 40+ years ago, but McHugh said conversations are in the works around reviving the Witches Cave fun.

Big Brag
The Chastain restaurant received three Michelin stars (one of the city’s only two Green Stars for sustainability, Guide Recommended, and Sommelier Award).

Best Spots in the ’Hood
Most prized seats in the neighborhood: fireside at The Chastain in the winter; tableside at Chastain Amphitheatre; field-side parking at NYO (available via auction only); and ringside at Chastain Horse Park.

If There Were a Mascot
It would be a horse, of course.

With verdant views of the park, The Chastain is a neighborhood staple.