Natural Instinct

A local shop owner takes the edge off his concrete-and-glass condominium by incorporating tranquil colors, organic elements and unique accents.

David D’Ambrosio created his little glass box in the sky by accomplishing a careful balancing act. The concrete-and-glass condominium was very much a bachelor pad when he bought it—bright burgundy and royal blue paint, wall-to-wall carpeting and maple laminate floors. But the view from the 19th floor of the Metropolis convinced him he was home.

Aiming for the clean, sophisticated look of a boutique hotel, but with added interest, D’Ambrosio’s first purchase was a silverleaf and gray mohair Louis-style chair that now resides in his bedroom. “I like to pick one piece to start with, branch out the design from that, and then go back to it for reference and inspiration,” he says.

The chair established D’Ambrosio’s goal to soften the large planes of glass and concrete with classic lines, organic elements, natural fabrics and tranquil tones. He certainly wanted to make his home warmer and more inviting. At the same time, he fashioned a space that allowed his collection of unique vintage objects and accessories to stand out.

“I love mixing styles,” D’Ambrosio says. “When pressed, I call my style ‘industrial modern.’ I try to redefine objects from the past and turn them toward the present.”

D’Ambrosio shied away from using too much saturated color in the space and, instead, chose paints and fabrics that offered undertones of color. In the living room, there is a layer of purple under the slate and gray finishes. In the dining room, honey tones shine through dark grays and black.

Different metallic touches also add light and substance. “I love mixing metals,” D’Ambrosio adds. “The more organic, matte tones are easily blendable, and give more of a found look, instead of a room that looks right out of a catalogue.”

D’Ambrosio uses the same philosophy at his West Midtown shop, Redefined Home Boutique. “I’ve always loved old things, but I never wanted to own an antiques shop,” he admits. “The feel of my house is much like the store—almost all of the accessories are found. It just adds a unique touch to know no one else has the same thing.”

INTERIOR DESIGN David D’Ambrosio, Redefined Home Boutique, 887 Howell Mill Rd. NW, Atlanta 30318. (404) 815-7250;