Natural State (2013)

Through his artful floral designs, Keith Robinson celebrates the inherent beauty found in locally grown flowers and plants.

The locavore—or “farm-to-table”—movement has created a seismic change in how Georgians think about eating and dining. Farmers markets are bustling, and everyone wants to eat locally. Now, that all-things-local ethos has extended to floral design, and Keith Robinson of Gloriosa is a garden/floral/event designer who has long celebrated the beauty of locally grown plants and flowers. “Some of the most beautiful floral designs are those that have the appearance of having just come from the garden and created the composition based on what was growing,” says Robinson. “Commercial florists moved away from that for some time, but the trend now is to honor the ‘back to the garden’ look and feel in the arranging.” For Robinson, flower foraging has always played a part in his designs. At his personal home outside of Atlanta, he grows more than 12 varieties of hydrangeas and has more than 700 shrubs that often make their way into his designs. While there is an effortless look to the arrangements he creates using found materials, often the most casual ones are the most difficult to make. “There is a simplicity to them, but at the same time, there is a great deal of complexity in the color and juxtaposition of different flowers.”