Outstanding Design

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) recognized Georgia’s shining stars with the 2022 Design Excellence Awards

Turner by Mali Azima; Peace by William Abranowicz and Whitney Kamman; Habachy by Galina Juliana Coada; Mills Kirk by Emily Followill and Chris Little; Harrison Design by Max Kim-Bee; Trimble by Tom Harper; Previous page by Emily Followill; Mills Kirk and Currie by Emily Followill; Ray by Jeff Herr; Peace by William Abranowicz; Habachy by Artem Nazarov; Turner by Mali Azima; Ashmore by Jeffery Heard; Habachy by Galina Juliana Coada; Turner by Mali Azima; Williams by Emily Followill; Jenkins by Jeff Herr; Ashmore by Jeffery Heard; Mills Kirk by Nick Sargent; GordonDunning and Vocaire by Marc Mauldin; Vivace by Jeffery Heard; Harrison by Emily Followill; Harrison, Wheeler and GordonDunning by Emily Followill; Ashmore by Jeffery Heard