President of one of Atlanta’s most beloved rug companies, Jason Moattar’s midcentury Plaza Towers condo is a reflection of his favorite things

This richly layered Atlanta condo channels owner Jason Moattar’s deep appreciation for art and enduring detail

At the helm of Atlanta’s premier rug showroom Moattar, owner Jason Moattar’s schedule is brimming with appointments—from designer meetings to production calls to site visits and much more. So when the workday comes to a close, he’s happy to make the short drive home to Buckhead’s iconic Plaza Towers, because there Moattar has spent over two decades curating a personal sanctuary. “It’s my favorite place to be,” he says, “especially after a long day.”

When he first purchased his condo in 2000, it had a notable Asian influence, having served as a corporate apartment for a former local company dealing in exotic furnishings and antiques. But Moattar was eager to return the home back to its roots, so to speak, and better match the building’s midcentury features while also keeping a sense of warmth top of mind.

Moattar wasn’t quick to overhaul the condo straight away though, instead opting for a more patient approach that has seen him collaborate with many clients-turned-friends. “This renovation has been done piece by piece alongside designers whose work I’m a fan of,” he says. “Being able to bounce ideas off of talented people who could make my vision come to life was really invaluable.”

For the condo’s biggest transformation, he tasked Williams Papadopoulos Design with turning the cramped galley kitchen into a larger, more welcoming space. “The idea of open-plan living was still a relatively new concept at the time the original building was designed; kitchens were small and tucked away,” says designer Mark Williams. To help the kitchen feel more a part of the equation, especially while entertaining, Williams and his team removed a wall separating the kitchen and dining room. Now big on both function (one end of the oversize marble island drops down to table height, for example) and midcentury charm, the newly designed space was featured in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles in 2019 as a Kitchen of the Year winner.

In the living room, designer Karen Shapiro was instrumental in creating a sense of flow with furnishings, while designer Brian Watford was tapped to revamp the foyer. For the latter, to fulfill Moattar’s request for something “cool and architectural,” Watford suggested removing the stacked stone (vestiges from the condo’s Asian-inspired aesthetic) and introducing a curved ceiling with charcoal plaster from top to bottom.

Although Moattar worked with multiple designers throughout the course of the redesign, the condo never feels disjointed, thanks in large part to his beloved art collection that acts as a common thread. “I love the energy that art brings to a room. It’s a really dynamic form of expression,” he notes.

One such impactful piece is a photograph by renowned British photographer David Yarrow that Moattar acquired in Denver last year. Measuring almost 7 feet wide, Persons of Interest features an eclectic and commanding assemblage of personalities, including Atlanta native and singer Ciara Wilson. To complement the photograph’s large dimensions, Moattar worked with fellow ADAC showroom Bradley—located just across the hall from his eponymous shop—to design a custom elongated console to sit beneath.

Another layer in Moattar’s condo that reflects his eye for elevated style is the rug selection, of course. “Many people ask if I switch my rugs out all the time,” he says. “And I’m like, ‘absolutely not.’ Quality pieces are timeless and that was a big focus for me here. The condo is now everything I knew it could be, and I’m so proud of the final result.”

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