Relax and Unwind at the Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita, Mexico

Naviva, a Four Seasons resort in Punta, Mita Mexico, is an over-the-top luxe escape

“Quiet your mind and think a good thought, either about yourself or about this place,” my therapist Yvette’s soothing voice whispers at the start of an hour-long massage. Good thoughts about Naviva, a Four Seasons resort, are easy to come by. Where to begin?

The 40-acre property is set in Punta Mita, a lush, private peninsula an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. On one side, dense jungle covers the mountainous terrain; on the other, the vast Pacific Ocean creates a jaw-dropping seascape. It’s a feast for the eyes no matter where I look.

While the property’s natural assets are a wonder all on their own, every element of the resort’s infrastructure has been crafted to allow guests to relax, enjoy, and simply be. The magic starts from arrival, where there’s no fussy check-in process. Instead, a guide—Naviva’s term for a sort of upgraded butler—offers a refreshing welcome drink and takes us to our grand tent, which boasts more than 1,700 square feet of indoor-outdoor space, including a king-size bed with sea views, a screened-in living room, sprawling plunge pool, and a massive spa bathroom complete with an outdoor shower. Each of the 15 villas—though they are topped with canvas covers, calling them “tents” fails to capture the grandeur of the accommodations—is entirely private, cocooned in verdant landscape that walks the line between wild and manicured.

Likewise, it seems a disservice to term this an “all-inclusive,” though it is that and more. Naviva is designed for guests to feel like they are visiting someone’s home where nothing is off-limits. Staff introduce themselves and call guests by name, creating a laid-back atmosphere. Want to see the secret beach? Rather than explaining how to get there, someone will offer to show the way. Curious about an unfamiliar bottle of mezcal on the bar? The mixologist will create a tasting of that spirit and others.

Copal, an open-air clubhouse of sorts, serves as the bar, restaurant, and gathering spot, but there’s a twist: There’s no menu, so the experience is similar to having a personal culinary team. Every time we sit down, we are told about the special dishes the chef has created for that meal, though if nothing appeals (it always does!), they are happy to make whatever we crave. Copal is perched on a bluff overlooking the sea, and the adjacent point is a prime spot to watch the spectacular sunsets and migrating whales frolicking in the waves.

It would be easy to simply luxuriate on the 200-yard private beach or at the three-tiered pool, but there are plenty of activities to enjoy. One morning an activities guide takes us snorkeling to see the colorful fish beneath the surface. In the afternoon, he helps bait our hooks as we cast lines shore fishing. The property’s warm hospitality, luxe accommodations, and natural beauty means that guests will continue thinking good thoughts about Naviva—and longing to return.