Rising to the Occasion

In a penthouse at the Aberdeen in Vinings, designer Carole Weaks takes her classic style to new heights.

The penthouse, at the Aberdeen in Vinings, was sky-high. And so were the dreams of Carole Weaks’ clients for its design. As a consultant for the condominiums, Weaks met Dr. and Dr. Finkleman when the couple was making preliminary choices for their new residence. Though they interviewed several designers to help them complete the project, the Finklemans knew C. Weaks Interiors was the perfect fit.

“They felt strongly about having a clean look—that penthouse feel,” Weaks recalls. “They have an international background, they’re both professionals and they travel extensively. Their time here is their quiet time, when they fill their tanks back up. They didn’t want a lot of color or clutter—just serenity.”

That played right into the designer’s understated approach for the penthouse project. “When you have those kinds of views in a high-rise, you don’t want to mess them up,” Weaks says. “You don’t want the eye concentrated in the middle of a room; you get a lot of ‘design’ by just looking out.”

Because the couple brought with them little more than their art collection, Weaks was effectively starting from scratch. Still, the artwork presented a challenge in itself. “It’s from their travels, and is very stylized,” she explains. “You can’t over-decorate when you have that kind of art.”

In fact, adept though she is in the art of display, Weaks was at first apprehensive about her clients’ collection. “It’s so different from what I usually hang, so I worried a little,” she admits. “I looked at [my assistant] Douglas and said ‘How are we going to hang all this art?’ But that turned out to be a defining moment. We knew we had to make it work because our ‘signature style’ is making the very best of our clients’ style.”

Here, that definitive style comprises a neutral palette that lets the art stand out. Furnishings throughout are classic yet comfortable, whether the Finklemans are enjoying a quiet night at home or entertaining a crowd.

“What delights me most is that they are delighted,” Weaks says. “From the beginning, they knew what they wanted; not once did they contradict themselves. They knew their taste and had very high standards. Because they are professionals, and give 100 percent, they expect the same in return. The fact that they are so pleased with the result is the highest compliment.”


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