Sensory Sanctuary

2020 Bath of the Year award winner Lorraine Enwright brings natural elements to life in a quiet retreat for two busy homeowners

Nestled among the trees in the Old Ivy neighborhood of Buckhead, a soothing, thoughtfully compact master retreat by designer Lorraine Enwright beckons. The homeowners, who are both physicians, craved stillness—a respite from the chaos of their hectic careers. “They wanted this space to be quiet,” says Enwright. “Every sense, from what they touched to the sounds of the water that came out of the faucet, had to be soothing.”

A Japanese soaking tub, custom made by builder Chris Donnelly of Brookside Custom Homes, serves as the focal point of the bathroom—and was also one of the larger challenges encountered by the design duo. “The homeowners wanted a tub, but we didn’t really have the space to include a standard-size one and the amenities that typically go with it,” says Enwright. “We had to dig the soaking tub much deeper than the floor you walk on, and when you’re sitting in it, the water comes up to about the shoulders.” 

To uphold the zen environment without sacrificing function, special attention had to be given from corner to corner. For example, the deck of the soaking tub doubles as a bench for the shower, while a custom cabinet hiding behind the vanity mirror conceals 24 inches of storage space for toiletries. The richness of the walnut vanity wraps the mostly cool-toned bathroom in a blanket of warmth, but it also offers dedicated space for a laundry bin. A few steps over, the sliding walnut barn door leads to a water closet. “Every functional detail should also be beautiful,” explained Enwright.

And those details were not lost on Enwright. Integrated sinks are sloped to minimize water splashing and to contribute to the soothing sensory experience. As for the jewelry of the room, iridescent glazed tile melts together the floor, walls and tub—its specks of gold and silver reflecting sunlight. Says Enwright, “The sun hits and everything sparkles.”

TILE, FLOOR, WALLS and TUB CLADDING Large-format porcelain tile in Ferroker Aluminio by Porcelanosa PENDANT Terzani through Illuminations Lighting HANDHELD SHOWER Hansgrohe WALL MOUNT FAUCETS Kohler TUB FILLER Artos VANITY, BARN DOORS and CUSTOM MIRROR CABINET Block & Chisel VANITY TOP and TUB DECK MTI CUSTOM VANITY SINKS Top Shop Stone

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