Spring Fling

With colorful florals and an array of delicate details, designer HEATHER DEWBERRY creates a fresh, cheery luncheon to usher in the new season

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles: Your designs exude timeless, classic style. What was your inspiration behind this tabletop and what are the standout elements?

Heather Dewberry: There are flowers everywhere in our client’s dining room—on the beautiful wallpaper and their gorgeous china, so we decided to take their “indoor garden party” to the next level to celebrate spring. Some of my favorite items in composing a gracious and welcoming tabletop are raffia place mats because they accentuate formal china beautifully and instantly relax the setting. I also use block-printed tablecloths as a winning addition to the mix, alleviating the darkness of many dining tables.

AH&L: Tell us about the color palette you selected and how you implemented it from first to final layer.

HD: The color scheme was pulled from the soft blue, green and peach tones of the scenic wallpaper. Having first sourced the blue tablecloth and rimmed raffia place mats, monogrammed napkins were the next step, and this green scalloped set felt fresh and classic. Channeling the birds in the wallpaper, we added a vintage blanc de chine pair on the table. To carry the peach and light orange tones around the room, we ordered a fabulous custom striped cake and added kumquats and macarons to the sideboard.

AH&L: This luncheon setting features many fun details, from the stamped wine bags to the personalized place cards. What layers are vital to a spring table setting to make guests feel welcome?

HD: Personalized details show guests that you are excited to have them over. People love to know their spot at the table, and these monogrammed place cards repeated our garden theme. Plus, you can write a “table topics” question underneath that can be a great icebreaker for conversation. The monogrammed gift bags are a fun way to send your friends home with a glass of rosé to continue the celebration.

AH&L: The verdant wallcovering invokes feelings of dining al fresco-style. What tips can you give our readers about hosting a memorable meal during the spring season?

HD: My best advice is to set the table a day ahead of time when you can really have fun with it. Once that’s done, the bottom line is to mix it up, keep things easy and serve food that is in season. Spring meals call for a breezier approach, so bringing the outdoors in, or items that are typically used indoors outside, creates a juxtaposition that makes gatherings more festive.

AH&L: Your business partner, Will Huff, and you have worked together for years. Tell us about your dynamic and why it’s been so successful in Atlanta and beyond?

HD: It’s hard to believe that Will and I have worked together for 22 years! Being able to bounce around design ideas and consult on roadblocks with each other has created a great synergy. We’ve stuck to our love for the classics over the years and try to shy away from current trends. Now that fresh, traditional design is back at the forefront, we emphasize that we never left it! Our clients know that their interiors will reflect their personality, endure the test of time and will require only minor tweaking to feel current. Many of our images that circulate on social media are 10–15 years old and no one would know it.

AH&L: March is a time where spring eagerness grows in Atlanta. What are you most looking forward to this season?

HD: I love all the elements of spring that celebrate lightness and signal warmer days to come. I can’t wait to break out my spring sundresses and espadrilles, and hope that the Atlanta pollen holds off a bit this year! Plus, if you know me well, you know I adore my family’s pet bunnies, and all the sweet rabbit motifs at Easter make it my favorite holiday. huffdewberry.com