Storied Spaces

Color and show-stopping art reigns supreme in the deft hands of designers at the 2013 Cathedral Antiques Show’s inspiration house .

Last January, The Cathedral Antiques Show & Tour of Homes celebrated its 42nd anniversary with an array of events, including a lecture from celebrated designer Miles Redd. The Show’s third-annual Inspiration House was located on the grounds of the Cathedral of St. Phillip at the circa-1910 Lanier House. Also known as the Andrews-Dunn house, the historic home is associated with some of the most important names in Atlanta history: the Colliers, Hicks and Irbys. Last winter, it served as a laboratory for designers to infuse the storied space with color, pattern and energy. The 2014 Cathedral Antiques Show will be held January 26-February 2, 2014. Visit for information.

Porch  //  Ally Kim, A. Kim Interiors

The front porch of the Inspiration House was brimming with color and comfort. “Because this porch was to serve as the main entrance,” says Ally Kim, “I wanted to create a welcoming and festive atmosphere.” A blend of casual furniture with standout accessories created the feeling of an indoor room brought outdoors.

Parlour  //  Yvonne McFadden, Y. McFadden, LLC

Yvonne McFadden imagined the parlour as a comfortable, multiuse family room. “I wanted to show that you could use durable fabrics in a residential application without compromising the design,” she said. The room accommodates a sitting area, reading nook and work area, distinguished by a mix of antiques and contemporary furnishings for a dynamic look.

Living room  //  Lance M. Jackson and David Ecton, Parker Kennedy Living

Masterful color was bountiful in the living room designed by Lance Jackson and David Ecton. Their take on Palm Beach-chic, which edges towards the intense end of the color spectrum, achieved a fresh but fun take on the classic preppy look. Using saturated cobalt blue, fuchsia and crisp white, as well as a mix of vintage and new furnishings, the design duo created a modern homage to the timeless tradition.

Telephone Nook  //  Rick Anthony Bonner, Bonner, LLC

Natural textures, from the seagrass rug to the ash stool, give the quaint telephone nook a contemporary vibe. Rick Anthony Bonner used a light touch to create a private space to Skype, chat or indulge in quiet reflection. “I chose the duck photographs as a spoof on formal family portraits,” he says. “Their faces have such intense personalities.”

Foyer  //  Louise Cronan, LWC Interiors

To establish the foyer as a welcoming space, Louise Cronan employed a jolt of color with a pomegranate print skirt on a hexagonal library table. “The trellis-print wallpaper and chinoiserie lantern would have been in vogue during the era when the house was built,” she says.

Boardroom  //  Jennifer Reiner and Robert White, Reiner/White Design Studio

“We wanted to explore the juxtaposition of rugged and rustic versus faceted color and glamour,” says Robert White of the dramatic boardroom. The rough manifests itself in the deep black paint and wooden wall cladding, which contrasts beautifully with the opulent excesses of the crystal-draped chandelier and rich emeralds and teals of the upholstery.

Kitchen  //  Warner McConaughey, Eric Rothman and Jenny Rothman, HammerSmith, Inc.

Because the kitchen would remain after the showhouse closed, Warner McConaughey asked the church staff how they used the space. After learning that it is essentially used as a catering kitchen for serving simple meals during meetings, he opted to keep the space

Man’s bathroom  //  Karen Ferguson, Harrison Design Associates

The leaded glass window in the men’s bathroom inspired a striking floor made of Egyptian limestone. To soften the space, Karen Ferguson chose a gray linen wallcovering “evoking tailored menswear.” An upholstered bench offers a spot to rest a coat and contributes to this bespoke room’s crisp lines.

Guest Apartment  //  Bryan Kirkland, BAK Designs

Above the garage, and accessed by a steep flight of stairs, the guest apartment greeted visitors with an irresistible mix of energetic color and theatrical flair. Bryan Kirkland was determined to infuse the space with cheer. “I wanted it to be bright and vivacious,” he says. A black-and-white wool rug underpins the room with graphic rhythm, and chartreuse walls manufacture sunshine.

Apartment Suite Kitchen  //  Billy Reeves, Sarah Price and Rogers King, Founders Kitchen and Bath

The guest apartment’s chartreuse wall color extended into the small kitchen area, primarily intended for coffee and snack prep. The design team installed a simple kitchen with concealed under-cabinet appliances, forgoing a cooktop. A planter built into the window niche brings a note of the outdoors inside.

Apartment Entry and Stairs  //  Dayka Robinson, Dayka Robinson Designs

Dayka Robinson opted for a jagged swath of chartreuse climbing the stairway to the apartment suite. “Showhouses should be fun and push the limits,” she says. “The chartreuse is grounded with black, gray and taupe so it doesn’t look circusy.”

Hearth Room  //  Bill Ingram and William McLure, Bill Ingram Architects

The rich tones of the stone hearth inspired Bill Ingram to play up an earthy palette in the room; he painted the ceiling dark gray to make it recede. “The low furniture grounds the room and distracts you from noticing the low ceiling,” he says. Subtle shine adds rich patina, while crisp-white upholstery and artwork stimulate the eyes.