Stylish Sanctuary

A dream team of design professionals creates a pool house that is a soothing oasis of style

The architectural design of this newly constructed pool house is, to many, instantly recognizable as classic Yong Pak. And it was Pak himself who recommended Gretchen Edwards to do the interiors.

While many pool houses reflect the style of the primary residence, this one is a complete departure, Edwards explains. It’s a peaceful and serene retreat, a getaway from everyday life. What’s more, noting that her clients often travel to spas all over the world, the designer decided to create a spa-like setting for them in their own backyard, complete with a sauna and steam shower.

Working with Mary Allison Buzzell, Edwards created an interior that’s just as understated as it is sophisticated, with textures taking on a prominent role. “We worked with different washes and finishes to get just the right feeling,” she says, “from the pecky cypress beams on the ceiling to the limestone floor.” Likewise, a pair of wicker chairs, a bronze-framed sofa, a Regency mirror, even towering stone pedestals figure into the textural mix.

At the same time, the luxurious look belies the durability of the space. Every fabric, for instance—from the upholstery and pillows to the floor-length curtains—is of the indoor/outdoor variety, so nothing can be harmed by the inevitable wet bathing suit.

Who says you can’t have it all?