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In a soaring Buckhead high-rise, designer Kathie Chrisicos fashions a contemporary pied-a-terre for a couple seeking streamlined sophistication.

When homeowners hire a designer, they open up their lives—and dreams—to interpretation. It’s an intimate trust that Boston-based designer Kathie Chrisicos effectively delivers for her clients, including, most recently, a couple who selected a pied-à-terre in Buckhead’s tony Sovereign building as their second home.

“I’ve worked with them before on their former home in New England and their current condominium in New York City,” says Chrisicos. “We’ve formed a great bond, and they trust my judgment in creating a home that captures exactly what they’re seeking.”

In New England, Chrisicos did justice to the couple’s previous Victorian-era residence, while in Manhattan, she schemed up a transitional-style setting for the couple’s home base. But for this 36th-floor Atlanta residence, the homeowners turned to their trusted designer for a wholly different fresh and contemporary look. And upon entry, it is apparent that Chrisicos conveyed just that.

Oversized black doors open onto a petite foyer leading directly to the heart of the home: the dining room. Here, a sculptural stainless steel table base crafted by a Wisconsin artisan serves as the crown jewel among other dazzling accents, such as a cascading prism chandelier and a sleek bird’s-eye maple sideboard. “They’re wonderful entertainers, so the design of this space was given significant thought,” says Chrisicos. With guests’ comfort top of mind, the designer suggested raising the dining chairs’ height. This custom touch allows guests to rise or sit with ease, and the higher chair backs now match the scale of the grand table.

Customization was also key in the adjoining living room. Here Chrisicos modified the proportions of the clean-lined sofas and twin coffee tables so that guests could move comfortably in the tight space. “Space planning was critical in this home, especially given all its unique curves,” says the designer.

The Sovereign tower breaks from traditional square or rectangular building geometries with its distinctive curvy composition in which arced walls add intrigue to each residence’s floor plan. What some may have flagged as a challenge, Chrisicos embraced. “It was fun to work in a space with such interesting angles, as it was a bit like putting a puzzle together,” she says. One of the only rooms to feature entirely 90-degree angles is the cozy, windowless den, which the couple enjoy to themselves. While this retreat is wrapped in an all-taupe color scheme, Chrisicos introduced exclamation points of strong color throughout the rest of the home via custom decorative accents and artwork.

The thread that ties the entire space together, however, is undoubtedly the sweeping view of Buckhead’s skyline. Chrisicos framed the floor-to-ceiling windows with simple stationary drapes, masterfully allowing the evolving cityscape to act as the condo’s artful pièce de résistance.

INTERIOR DESIGN Kathie Chrisicos, Chrisicos Interiors; 20 Park Plaza, Suite 400, Boston. (617) 699-9462; CONTRACTOR Jeff Furlong, Oak River Services; 32 Lasalle Lane, Douglasville. (770) 577-2966