In a european-inspired townhouse, Carole Weaks carves out a thoughtful but plush abode for a downsizing client.

He’s always had a knack for sourcing unique and finely crafted home goods, so the opening of retail concept Townhouse by interior designer Robert Brown was simply a natural extension of his work. The three-story shop—located in The Galleries of Peachtree Hills—is a brilliant showcase of Brown’s urbane aesthetic. “We’re offering a different point of view as my design style tends to be simpler and a bit more masculine,” says the designer.

Vignettes resembling living room spaces shine a spotlight on Brown’s bespoke upholstered furnishings and case goods collection, as well as accessories sourced from around the world—think glassware from Turkey, vases from Belgium and textiles from New Zealand. For stateside vendors, Brown is lending his signature design stamp. “We’ve got some great pieces from Natural Curiosities out of L.A. that we’ve put our own spin on by working with them to change the color scheme of a particular piece of art, for example, so that it’s unique,” says Brown. “Even the Barbara Cosgrove lamps in Townhouse boast our own color of shades. It was important that we present items typically found around Atlanta in an exclusive manner.”

Also exclusive to Townhouse is the store’s shopping experience. Visitors are encouraged to linger and stay awhile, whether it’s grabbing a cocktail or iced tea at the bar or by enjoying billiards, all to the soundtrack of Otis Redding, Estelle and more. “I want to offer both designers and consumers a place to hang out. Providing a great experience is a lot of what it’s about here,” says Brown.

Never one for complacency, the designer is already imagining the shop’s future. “This fall, I’d like to host a series on Thursday evenings to engage more people in the design community,” he says. Cocktails and great music included, of course.
425 Peachtree Hills Avenue, Ste. 32, Atlanta 30305. (404) 917-1333;