Valerie Garrett Interiors

Designer Valerie Garrett took an elegant yet modern approach when creating this master bath and closet for her central-Georgia clients. After careful consideration of every single need and function the two spaces required, Valerie set out to create a 700-square-foot space of respite for the couple. “That wonderful honed statuary marble was my starting point and the inspiration for the entire design,” said Garrett. In order to anchor the large space without disrupting the flow, she designed an 8-by-10-foot dramatic mosaic tile rug. And throughout the large room, each space has a beautiful and well-thought through purpose: the privacy window behind the tub, the heated floors, bespoke tiled shelves in the shower, carefully selected artwork to ensure each corner is filled with moments of inspiration.

The closet, often a place of chaos, is instead a continuation of calm through a complimentary color palette, his and her islands with beautiful quartzite and orb lighting that acts as the perfect piece of jewelry for the space. What an elegant and restful way to begin and end each day.

“We took an uninspired space and created a respite—an elegant sanctuary that my clients enjoy every single day.”—Valerie Garrett, Valerie Garrett Interiors