Well Fashioned

Interior designer Shayelyn Woodbery delivers a runway-ready look at the 11th installment of ADAC: Behind the Windows

When Shayelyn Woodbery was tasked with demonstrating the interplay between fashion and interiors for ADAC’s latest Behind the Windows series, inspiration struck the fashion-forward interior designer immediately. “I asked myself where would hip, creative people go to hang out? And so I envisioned a Paris-meets-New York City private cocktail lounge where the fashion industry might mingle,” she says.

Also part of the equation was her good friend Susan Singletary, owner of Buckhead’s Peoples boutique, which specializes in designer clothing and accessories not carried in department stores. “Susan and I share a very similar aesthetic,” says Woodbery. “It’s classic but with a ‘now’ and very edgy twist to it.” Their shared philosophy is on display throughout the well-edited vignette, most notably with a clean-lined mohair banquette set against a floral graffiti wallpaper.

As the room’s design and color story began to take shape, Singletary and Woodbery traveled to New York to meet with fashion designer Nellie Partow, whose new collection—with its minimal yet detail-oriented direction—struck a chord that was aesthetically similar to the vignette back in Atlanta. They handpicked pieces from the designer that would give life to Woodbery’s ultra-chic vision for the room.

The final result is a sexy space fit for fashion’s elite. The moody lounge invites guests to grab a drink at the custom midcentury-inspired bar and then make their way over to a sleek communal console or a cozier table-and-chair setup for more-intimate conversations. But no matter where the well-heeled style influencers choose to rub elbows, the antique mirrored walls ensure they’ll always get a chance to see and be seen.

While the lounge might be an artistic figment of Woodbery’s imagination, it’s not short on inspiration. “If someone wanted to translate this (look) into their own home or wardrobe, I’d say to always invest in quality pieces that will serve as your foundation. If the foundation pieces are done right, it takes very little to add wow factor.”

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