With Views of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Italian-American Fine-Dining Restaurant Capolinea Should be Your Next Evening Out

Chef Jeuel Ortiz crafts Italian-American fine-dining concept Capolinea in the heart of Downtown Atlanta

It’s widely known eight hours is the doctor-recommended amount of sleep per night, but did you know it’s also the Italian-recommended amount of time to make authentic Bolognese? At Signia by Hilton’s signature restaurant Capolinea, shortcuts are never settled for, and all dishes are made from scratch daily using only locally sourced ingredients.

Trained under the best, Capolinea’s executive sous chef Jeuel Ortiz immersed himself in Italian culinary culture to prepare for the opening of the restaurant, and it changed his approach to pasta. “It takes both time and the best ingredients to put something great on the table,” says Ortiz. “That’s what we bring here to Capolinea for our guests.”

Designed by Gensler and featuring classical elements, sleek tablecloths, and upholstered banquettes, the floor-to-ceiling windows with front-row views of Mercedes-Benz Stadium are the restaurant’s only indication you haven’t instantaneously transported abroad. This playful juxtaposition is mirrored in Capolinea’s thoughtfully crafted menu. Authentic Italian-American dishes contain exclusively local produce and ingredients. Shrimp connoisseurs will notice the sweetness of the Georgia shrimp among the otherwise true Italian flavors. Appropriately named, Capolinea is the Italian word for Terminus—Atlanta’s original nickname. “I never thought that I would do Italian food in Atlanta, but I love it because the melting pot of culture is amazing,” says Ortiz. “That’s what attracted me to here—it’s a challenge.”

“Once I draft the menu, I meet with my sous chefs and we try, fail, try, and fail again until we get the dishes right,” says Ortiz. The talented culinary team struck gold with their one-of-a-kind duck ravioli, popular Bolognese, indulgent short rib, and more. Guests would be remiss not to enjoy the top-tier tableside martini service or one of the many creative cocktails.

And the experience is an intimate one, which comes naturally to Ortiz. “Back in Puerto Rico, my mom was always cooking and my dad was a baker,” he says. “We were always in the kitchen.”

Food is a labor of love, and there is no shortage at Capolinea—guests feel like part of the family as soon as they step through the door. “Every single person who sits at the restaurant is a VIP,” says Ortiz. “I just want to see happy customers and have people enjoy their meal.” signiabyhiltonatlanta.com/culinary