15 Under 40: Katie Belveal


Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC) General Manager Katie Belveal has dedicated her entire career to the business of design. Noted for her attention to detail, Belveal was instrumental in opening ADAC to the public in 2012. Under Belveal’s direction, ADAC continues to welcome fresh showrooms—even as those in other national design centers shutter—making it an edgier, more inclusive and admired design destination in the process. And the rising number of annual events (80 and climbing), held throughout the Southeast, is proof positive.

What was your background before becoming ADAC’s general manager? I grew up in Macon and was introduced to interior design at a young age. Growing up, my mother always had an interior designer and took pride in decorating our home. She taught me about the beauty behind a well-designed room and how to appreciate even the smallest details in your home.

I went to school at College of Charleston and pursuing a business career in the design industry was a great fit for me. I have a degree in business administration and I’m a “rows-and-columns” type of person, so I enjoy the numbers side of the business. I also have a knack for the creative side and a true passion for design. The design side of my work carries over to my home life. Being my mother’s daughter, I take pride in the furnishings I have around my house. My current position allows me to integrate both of these aspects of my life.

What’s your typical day look like? Every day is different because of the different roles that come with this position. We aren’t just a leasing office; we’re a marketing company. We provide our showrooms with marketing tools to engage with the community.

What’s the toughest part of your job? What’s the most rewarding? This job is and will be for a few years to come an educational process. Since opening to the public, we have been educating the community as well as our showrooms and designers about the benefits and our reasoning behind opening our doors to the public. While the education portion can be the most difficult, it goes hand-in-hand with the most rewarding part of my job. I have been able to see designers and showrooms benefit from us opening to the public, as the community discovers everything we have to offer.

What would you recommend to new diners at the Hungry Peach cafe? Their menu is seasonal, so it changes often. But I would recommend anything with pimento cheese. No one does that southern staple better than The Hungry Peach!