A Love Affair: blue and white

From little Dutch figurines to my mother’s extensive set of Blue Danube china to an array of blue-and-white chinoiserie potting and decorative pieces, my childhood home is a exquisite reflection of my mother’s love of all things blue and white. And it is something I certainly plan on incorporating into my home as well one day. The fanciful imagery and whimsical designs of blue-and-white porcelain carry such an air of elegance and timelessness””I just can’t help but pine over it. Of course, there’s nothing like an antique or heirloom piece, but that’s not to say there aren’t stunning new pieces around every corner that are absolutely swoon-worthy. Here are a few things that have recently caught my eye:

Wisteria Blue and White Tea Jar Lamp $299 -Inspired by Asian jars used to store loose tea, this classic piece is sure to add color to any room!

Wisteria Happiness Pots $199 -This set of three different-sized pots has some truth behind their name, I think they certainly bring a little happiness to this space!

Burleigh Cobalt Mixing Bowls $179- Made in Staffordshire, England, these Burleigh bowls have less of the Asian inspiration but are still a stunning blue-and-white pieces that could make cooking that much more enjoyable for anyone!

Do you love blue and white? Tell us about your favorite items!