Book Signing this Saturday: Paula Wolfert, Queen of Moroccan Food

After a week of eating Thanksgiving leftovers, I’m more than ready for something other than turkey and dressing. I know I can’t be alone. So my suggestion: picking up a copy (and signed, at that!) of Paula Wolfert’s newest cookbook, The Food of Morocco.
Wolfert, the undisputed queen of Mediterranean cooking (particularly the cuisine of Morocco), will be signing her recently published book at the Emory Barnes & Noble on Saturday Dec. 3, starting at 1 p.m. The Food of Morocco, four years in the making, is a culmination of Wolfert’s years of experience and love for the traditional food of the country. The pages are filled lustrous recipes, and dazzling color pictures ranging from prepared meals to the vibrant sights of the ever-majestic Morocco. Just one of the recipes included in the book that might spark the southern taste-buds: stone-ground corn grits couscous with shellfish, carmelized onions, and glazed turnips. Yes, please!

Make sure to stop by Emory Barnes & Noble (1390 Oxford Road, Atlanta) this Saturday to pick up a signed copy for yourself. Or remember, it’s gift giving season… so here’s my “hint, hint” for the chef in your life!