Burlap Beauty

I’ve always associated burlap with a phrase I grew up hearing””the one referring  to someone who’s pretty enough to  look great in even a burlap sack. Maybe it’s not quite  fashionable as far as clothing is concerned, but it’s definitely stepping up in the interior design world. I’m not sure when it overcame it’s humble potato sack roots, but it happened. Yep, burlap is chic! And I’m loving it.

Burlap is great for D-I-Y projects. You can take full advantage of this durable, inexpensive fabric but still create the appeal of rustic, casual elegance. Or, it’s as easy as a stop by Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware; two of the places that have burlap pieces I’d love to call my own. Here are some of my favorites…

Pottery Barn Antique Mercury Glass Table & Bedside Lamps

Pottery Barn Burlap Shade Pendant Track Lighting

Restoration Hardware’s Open-Weave Burlap Rod-Pocket drapery

Restoration Hardware Burlap Dome Pendant

Restoration Hardware 1890 English Baroque Armchair Printed Burlap

Are you a fan of burlap? What are some of your favorite burlap furnishings and/or accesories?