Design Dossier: Amy Osaba

Amy is the founder and creative director of Amy Osaba Event.Floral.Design. Without formal training, Amy, a former ballerina, saw a sense of movement in flowers. She’s since been creating natural and innovative creations that have people rethinking floral design. Her style has blossomed into what she describes as loose sophistication, unexpected colors and asymmetrical shapes. Here’s a glimpse inside her world:

Where do you get your best inspiration from? Wow, this is hard because inspiration can come to from anywhere. From my mother’s garden to a painting with beautiful colors to fashion design. Pinterest is also a great resource! I love movement and texture so any new element I can “play” with excites me. With my brides, I am most inspired by their stories and the color scheme!

What goes into creating the perfect flower arrangement? I think movement, balance and texture. Throw out all the “rules” and do what feels pleasing to the eye.

What are your beauty must-haves? I should say water or something here, but sleep—because I have three children and a business to run—and my children because they keep me young!

Describe your fashion sense of style. I guess for the most part it’s bohemian sophistication, with a dash of punk (sometimes). I shop at a lot of vintage and thrift stores. It’s amazing what people get rid of!

What’s your favorite part of your job? I know it sounds silly, but seeing the bride’s face and knowing she is truly happy. And I love working on a really wonderful collaboration with incredible artists. 

What are the essentials to throwing a fabulous dinner party? Details. People love the little touches. And they always notice. Add place cards or find out your guest’s favorite cocktail or wine and have it available when they arrive. Use the good china. Always. And of course great flowers on the table and impeccable food. It’s all about beautiful presentation!

What’s your proudest professional moment? So far, getting into Martha Stewart’s magazine and HGTV! Those were on my bucket list and dream clients to work with! 

Your series for HGTV was great! Did you enjoy sharing diy projects? It was an absolutely blast. I think one of my strengths is imparting tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. I really love to learn and have the opportunity to pay it forward! 

What’s the best piece of advice of you’ve ever received? Always check your balance. Owning your own business and having a family can be tough. So learning to put work on hold to embrace the moments you’re in, rather than constantly checking emails or checking in with your team. This has helped me feel successful as a mom and as a business owner.

Your studio at The Goat Farm Arts Center is gorgeous. How important is it to make the environment you work in beautiful to look at? Honestly, I love having a beautiful environment to work in. While our studio isn’t always “clean” it has a beautiful grit to it that is enduring. I share my studio with the great Ginny Branch and we always get excited about our sun drenched space. The Goat Farm is such a great place to gain inspiration. There are so many artists and activities going on there, it’s nearly impossible to have a creative block!

What’s next for you in 2013? Any workshops? I am beyond excited about 2013! There are some wonderful opportunities that are just on the horizon that I can’t wait to shout from the rooftop, just not yet. My calendar is filled with fun weddings in beautiful locations and collaborations with great artists that I admire and respect. I feel like this is a turning point year and it’s only February! I am always amazed at the work God is giving me. To be able to have this job and work with people I adore is truly the best gift ever. And yes, there are workshops coming up, too!