Pretty Preview: Lilly Pulitzer Home Fall 2010 for Garnet Hill

My alliance with Lilly Pulitzer fashions has always been, shall we say, a bit irresolute. On the one hand, I tend to find the standardized colors, patterns and cuts a bit predictable and conservative for my tastes but, on the other, I’ve always relished in the way that simply spotting an adorable Lilly sheath dress or cardigan can serve as an unmistakable beacon of late spring and summer weather (hands down, my favorite time of the year). And yet, even in winter, I once coveted a pair of pink herringbone wide-leg wool trousers””complete with brown leather equestrian accents””at the Lilly Pulitzer store fronting the same street on which I lived at the time in Charleston. As you might imagine, meeting them again was unavoidable. I visited those trousers more times than is sensible as I passed the shop on King Street, taking them off and placing them back on their rack, hovering around the disquieted question, “Are pink trousers really practical?” In the end, my indecisiveness caused me to miss the boat on that pair, and they surely went to a stylish woman with more gumption than myself.

These days, I’d like to think I’ve come closer to mastering the art of the impulse purchase, and I’m also happy to say that the new Lilly Pulitzer Home Fall 2010 collection, exclusively for Garnet Hill, has captured my fancy almost as much as those chic pink pants. From bohemian botanicals to nautical-meets-safari motifs, to tiny florals in lime green, all of the new pieces for Garnet Hill Home””toss pillows, bedding, shower curtains, rugs and more””suggest the refreshing, sunny attitude that Ms. Pulitzer has always served up with pedigree… no matter the season.

The new Lilly Pulitzer Home collection will be available on August 8 at I can’t wait to see how local Atlanta designers incorporate the pieces into children’s rooms, guest cottages and seaside second homes. For now, a little preview of what’s to come:

How will you be incorporating the new Lilly Pulitzer collection for Garnet Hill into your design schemes? Are you a fan? Let us know!