Style News: Portman White


His architecture has been called “symphonic” and “theatrical.” His influence on the international design landscape—and the Atlanta skyline—is undeniable. And now, noted architect and developer John C. Portman Jr.’s signature paint color, SW-PW240 (a hue often employed in his vast body of work), is available by request at all Sherwin-Williams stores. In conjunction with its July Market, AmericasMart will pay tribute to its chairmain and founder’s unique aesthetic by unveiling a gallery of vignettes inspired by this “simple” white hue (secret ingredient: two dashes of red), called Portman White. Participating designers include Stan Topol, Michelle Workman, Brian Patrick Flynn, Niki Papadopoulos, Michel Boyd and Kerry Howard; each will impart their own stylistic imprint on a 10-by-10-foot vignette painted Portman White.


Kerry Howard, KMH Interiors
What is your favorite John Portman-designed building?
His vacation home on Sea Island. The design-build of this amazing home was a personal journey for himself and his family. According to my research, this home caused lots of uproar with his neighbors. But in true Portman style, the home stands as a testament that he was a visionary who made his dream a reality.


Niki Papadopoulos, Mark Williams Design Associates
What is your favorite John Portman-designed building?
Right now my favorite John Portman building is ADAC! We moved our office into the new Designer Suites a few months ago and we are really loving it.
What is your first memory of being in/experiencing a Portman-designed landmark? 
Growing up in California, my first experience with a John Portman-designed landmark was the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. I remember walking into the atrium, and just being awestruck.


Michel Boyd, Smithboyd Interiors
Inspiration for your Portman White vignette?
I intend be incredibly literal, and design the entire vignette and all of its contents Portman White. I’m looking forward to creating a cool and conceptual vignette with lots of textural interest and a little fantasy.
What is your first memory of experiencing a Portman-designed landmark?
My first visit to ADAC as a student will forever be etched into my memory. I thought, “What is this little piece of heaven hiding in plain sight?” Its sculptural presence stands apart from anything else in town.


Stan Topol, Stan Topol & Associates
What is your earliest memory of experiencing a Portman-designed landmark?
Many years ago, I went to the Polaris atop the Hyatt Regency. It was the beginning of the ’70s, and it was the most amazing room I had ever seen or experienced. Later I took both Billy Baldwin and Angelo Donghia there and to his Midnight Sun restaurant for dinner. That was one of the most dramatic rooms on Earth!
How do you envision using the Portman White paint color in an upcoming project?
It’s a perfect tint to embellish a project we are doing on the Connecticut coast. It is the sun glistening across the water and into our small home.


Michelle Workman, Michelle Workman Interiors
What is your first memory of being in/experiencing a Portman-designed landmark?
When I was about 9 years old my mother had a brief stint as an event coordinator and one of the first events she did was at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. I remember being mesmerized by the cylinders and the modern gleaming beauty of the architecture. It is an incredibly vivid memory for me.



Brian Patrick Flynn, Flynnside Out
What is your favorite John Portman-designed building?
The Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta is the John Portman building that gets my creative juices flowing more than any other. Any place that makes me feel like I could possibly be in outer space in the middle of a major city pretty much wins. Overall, it’s the concentric rib-like shapes you see as you look upward that just get me every time.
Inspiration for your Portman White vignette?
The one adjective I will use is extreme. Probably with color and possibly a play on sculptural shape.

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