The Nest: Kitchen Love

What happens when a couple of project junkies meet a tiny 1930s ugly duckling that’s just dying to be turned into a smart and stylish little swan?  A major renovation takes shape along with all the ups, downs and millions of decisions

Countdown: 87 days till move-in

The Cast:
Meg and Scott: the homeowners
Molly and Lily: college and high school-aged daughters
Linda MacArthur: the architect
Michael Ladisic: the builder
(…and a delightful cast of characters who make it all happen with sledgehammers, wheelbarrows, screwdrivers, sheetrock and shovels)

Kitchen Love

Things are clicking along nicely at The Nest these days.  We’re just about done with demolition and interior framing is beginning. This means rooms and spaces are taking shape and we’re starting to get an idea of what the finished Nest will feel like. 

We’ll be meeting our cabinet guy shortly so it’s time to focus on the kitchen.  No worries there…we’ve been thinking about the heart of this little home for months and months.

Clean, sleek and stylish…this picture inspires me!


We’ve been chanting “small, smart and stylish” now since the day we closed on the Nest but it’s in the kitchen that our little mantra will really shine through.  The kitchen is not big but it will be über efficient and pretty. 

On the Drawing Board

We’re losing the upper cabinets – and I can’t wait to fill those spaces with carefully chosen and much-loved paintings.

I love the look of classic Shaker-style cabinets – and no uppers.

I’ll place some old, crusty paintings in the most unexpected places.

We’re sticking with an all-white palette. Call me a traditionalist, but I’ve never met a white kitchen I didn’t love.  I’ll pick a warm and creamy white for the cabinet bases and top them with a substantial slab of Calcutta gold marble (which is streaked with gorgeous gray and gold markings).

I love the warm gray and cream tones of Calcutta Gold marble. Gorgeous.


We’ve picked our non-negotiables: a stainless 48″ Wolf range (with the center griddle for Sunday morning pancakes) will take center stage next to a Sub Zero fridge, which we’ll panel to match the cabinets.  (My heart’s desire? The Subzero with the glass-fronted door. That’s been loudly vetoed by the family—darn.)

We’re hooked on the Wolf 48″ range – and love its iconic red knobs.

The family shot this idea down, but I’ve always loved the idea of a glass-fronted fridge. 

We’re still deciding on the range hood but we have a few ideas brewing. (Any suggestions? Stainless to match the range or customized in wood and another material, like zinc?)

What about something like this for the range hood?

We’ll have a smallish island that can seat two barstools and will do double-duty as the microwave and storage center.

And because every room needs some crunch and crust, my pretty 18th century French walnut armoire will go along one wall.  Since we won’t have the upper cabinets, I’ll use the armoire for everyday glasses, plates and serving pieces.

The adjacent wet bar will hold the ice maker, beverage refrigerator and bar sink and the opposite wall of floor-to-ceiling cabinets will house pantry items and pots and pans.

Inspiration for the wet bar

I’m picturing a bank of pantry doors just like these.

The Wow Factor

The piece de resistance: the 9-foot iron window that will overlook the porch and outdoor fireplace and the lawn.  It will flood the kitchen with plenty of glorious light—not to mention amp up the wow factor considerably.

This caught my eye when we first started chatting about using an iron

window in the kitchen.

Pretty, pretty.  Gorgeous window, open shelving and dark floors.

Love this, too.

This was one of the first Pinterest images I found that got me

obsessing about an iron window.

I can’t wait to get going on the kitchen nitty-gritties and I’m excited to have a shipshape little space where there’s a place for everything—and everything is in its place.

Next week:  it’s all about cabinetry right now, so we’ll focus on the Nest’s dream bathroom.

Meet Meg:  co-owner of Huff Harrington Home and Huff Harrington Fine Art.  Certified project junkie and lover of fine furnishings and décor (especially the happy marriage between crunchy antiques and modern art).  Loves all the Frenchy stuff—as well as food, wine, books, fireplaces and long quiet afternoons by the pool. She’s married to Scott and has two daughters, Molly and Lily.

For inspiration and updates on Meg’s renovation, follow her Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Pinterest board.


(all images via Pinterest)