The Nest: Talkin’ Tile

By Meg Harrington

Update: The Nest is a hive of busy activity lately! There’s a lot of unsexy but necessary work going on, like plumbing, electrical and HVAC.  I’m loving every minute of it. We’re completely framed up, and Joe (our sparky project manager) has found us lots of little storage spaces tucked under eaves and even another spot for a precious built-in in the upstairs hallway.

Joe’s got us all on our toes and he’s a list-making machine. I’ve never met a list I didn’t love so when Joe told me it was time to pick tile for the kitchen and baths, I knew I’d better jump on it. With the store and gallery to think about 24/7, I’m always in a hurry so Joe pointed me to Builders Floor Covering and Tile (also Atlanta Kitchens), which is right up the street. I found everything I was looking for and got some good advice from nice Jennifer.

The Nest is all about the cottage vibe so I’m channeling simple and classic combinations that could have been used back in the ‘20s and ‘30s. Throw in a little circa 21st-century drama and here’s where we’re at:

The Master

Space is at a premium in the Nest, so I’m minimizing the number of textures and surfaces in any one room. The master bath is not gigantic, but it’s smart and efficient and has wonderful eastern light that pours through the (brand new!) windows. We’ve got a built-in tub, two vanities and a nice shower spot.

The Nest absolutely doesn’t scream Frenchy or Euro so I have ruled out using my favorite limestone which I just loved in our old house.

This was the master bath in our old house.  I love the 12 x 24″ limestone in a running bond pattern on the floor.

I’ve decided to stick with a classic white and black palette in the bathroom but kick it up just a notch. Here’s my inspiration picture:

I love how crisp this is.  We’ve got a similar layout (with the tub right next to the vanity) and we’ll run creamy white shiplap on the walls.

So, we’ve spec’d a nice honed black slate called Black Blizzard. I’m picturing it my favorite 12″x 24″ size and in the running bond pattern I love so much.

Here’s what a running bond looks like (a gorgeous bathroom featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.)

We’ll keep the shower tile simple and clean with a lovely organic-y soft white tile (Nanda, soft white) sort of like this:

I can’t get enough white subway tile! (from Pinterest.)

I still have to choose the countertops for the vanities and I’m thinking a very softly veined creamy marble. Let’s see what happens when I visit Atlanta Kitchens next week and (gulp) pricing comes in. Any suggestions from all of you out there?

Guest Bathroom Guesswork

Upstairs at The Nest, we’ve been able to squeeze three bedrooms and three full baths in. None of them is large, but they’re efficient and full of light. The guest bath has a nice vanity with a stall shower next to it.  I stumbled on something called Bogerra Carrera, which looks just like gorgeous Carrera marble. We’re going for it. I still need to pick out the countertops so I’ll keep you posted.

Bogerra Bianca tile (from Pinterest) We’ll do the bathroom floor and shower walls in my favorite 12″ x 24″ and a smaller size for the shower floor.

More inspiration for the guest room bath. From Deholic and Pinterest.

I love everything about this bathroom. From Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.

Teen Girl’s Bathroom

I love it that our cute 17 year-old has a strong opinion about The Nest and from the very beginning made sure we knew that she really wanted the ‘20s vibe in her bathroom.  So, we’re embracing it: black and white hex tile on the floor and simple white subway tile for her bath/shower combo.

Classic black and white hex tile for Lily’s bathroom floor.

Inspiration from Better Homes and Garden

Our cute teen found this on Pinterest and we’re all embracing the 1920s vibe. (Architectural Digest)

College Girl’s Bathroom

This is for our college girl who really won’t be spending too much time at The Nest now that she’s flown away. But I guess strong opinions run in this family, and it didn’t take long before we got her wish list. She’s a beach-and-sun-lover and begged for something light, pretty and sea-inspired. Voila!

Beachy bathroom. From Pinterest.

More bluey-green inspiration from Pinterest. I just love this!

We found a lovely blue-green glass tile called Color Wave Whisper Green. It’s just gorgeous and we’ll pair it with white tile on the floor.

Next time, we’re picking out countertops for the Nest’s kitchen and baths.  Stay tuned – and share your favorite tile and countertop choices with me. I’m all ears!