5 questions for: Justin & Kelly Anthony

This unflappable restaurateur and interior designer duo cultivates a coastal oasis in Buckhead with the freshly rebranded Yebo Beach Haus.

What spurred your decision to reinvent Yebo as Yebo Beach Haus?
Justin Anthony: The new location, which better fits the dynamic of our other fine dining restaurants, called for a new concept. The original Yebo at Phipps Plaza had a city feel, but the new space feels like it fits in a really cool beach town, so we felt that Yebo Beach Haus was the perfect name and fit.

Yebo’s new location is the former Coast space. How did you restyle to make it your own?
Kelly Anthony: We blended the natural and rustic feel of Cape Town with the style of the Hamptons, Malibu and Rosemary beaches. We also added details that you might find on a beach vacation, like surfboards, a vintage Vespa and a photograph we took while on vacation in Cape Town.

Has the culinary experience changed?
JA: In South Africa, we are big on family-style dining, so we added shareable plates to allow for more of this type of experience. We changed up the South African/Southern fusion to a more South African/American fusion, with more focus on coastal cuisine.

Yebo Beach Haus brings your roster of successful businesses to 4. How does the new Yebo fit into that group?
JA: It completes our lineup, as we now have a street-food [Biltong Bar], safari [10 Degrees South], wine [Cape Dutch] and beach experience for our guests.

How do you see this restaurant evolving in its new location?
JA: Everyone loves to be at the beach. We wanted this to feel like a sophisticated beach vacation and for the community to feel like this is their Beach Haus.