A Natural Cook: The Materials

When it comes to stocking a kitchen with cooking utensils and equipment, most professional cooks tend to be minimalists. Two or three pans in various sizes, a couple of good knives, and some great ingredients are almost all one needs. When choosing cookware, go for quality, heavy-clad metal pans. The items may seem more expensive at first, but a good pan will last generations. Buy only what is needed. There will be less to clean and care for, and the problem of drawers full of little-used utensils will be non-existent.

(1) Organic cotton terry bibs and bamboo fork and spoon make great green baby shower gifts. Source: Eco-Bella, eco-bella.com.

(2) Glass jars and bottles can be used over and over for storing leftovers and condiments, like this one storing Savannah Bee honey, savannahbee.com. When you accumulate too many, make preserves for a friend.

(3) Bamboo cutting boards are durable, easy to clean, and made from a rapidly renewable resource. Source: The Cook’s Warehouse, cookswarehouse.com.

(4) Cast-iron skillets are some of the best pans for conducting heat; the well-seasoned skillet can be passed down through generations. Sources: Lodge cast iron, Ace Hardware. Cup by Chester Hewell. Beeswax candle, Waldenour.