Architect Jeff Jones’ Dramatic Remodel

architect jeff jones' kitchen in newly remodeled atlanta home

What a great space! Looking at the graffiti-adorned chalkboard, I could tell that [architect] Jeff Jones and [his partner] Mike love to entertain in their kitchen. The area just exudes casual fun. The cabinets were an unexpected high-gloss blue that I haven’t seen in a kitchen and even matched our photographer’s stylish shoes.

the exterior of atlanta architect jeff jones' home

I love that the front of the house is deceiving in that it looks traditional and has a wrap around, Southern porch, but when you walk inside it’s so modern with its use of glass and steel.

connecting hallway

The last shot of the evening. It took us a few minutes to decide if we were going to attempt this one. It required photographer and part-time daredevil Mali Azima to tightrope onto the courtyard’s brick wall in order to shoot straight into this connector. By the way, that dog posed for 20 minutes while Jeff directed from the catwalk.


The whole courtyard area is like being in an aquarium for humans. You can be sitting upstairs in the kitchen and watch Jeff at work in the office below. You could even mouth the words “I love you” to another from across the house. Also, a big bicycle riding across the koi pond – genius. The courtyard seems like it lacks privacy because it’s open to everything that’s going on, but it is, in fact, secluded because the glass windows and the walls are so high.