Book Look

From cheery design to entertaining tips from legendary tastemakers, step into spring with a few of AH&L’s current favorite reads

At Home on the Water

Featuring a glimpse at the history of coastal living as well as 12 waterfront home tours, author Jaci Conry takes readers on a coastal cruise with At Home on the Water (Gibbs Smith, $35). Learn from designers, architects and homeowners about laid-back living and feel the breeze with every turn of the page.


In her debut tome Wonderland: Adventures in Decorating (Rizzoli, $45), designer Summer Thornton teaches that the number one rule of design is that there are no rules. From the whimsical to the romantic, cheery and polished, Thornton’s maximalist style is a celebration of personal expression and fearless escapism.

At Home

Design author Susanna Salk and photographer Stacey Bewkes debut their newest book At Home with Designers and Tastemakers: Creating Beautiful and Personal Interiors (Rizzoli, $50). With home tours that feel both inspirational and accessible, the duo gives readers an intimate look at the incredible homes of designers and tastemakers around the world.

Vibrant Interiors

Whether a New York City expat basking in boundless space, an art lover interested in a tailored home or one enjoying slow life on a rustic ranch, designer Andrea Monath Schumacher shares that living a vibrant life—with an inspired home to match—is accessible no matter your location in Vibrant Interiors: Living Large at Home (Gibbs Smith, $45).

Entertaining in Style

The latest go-to guide, Entertaining in Style: Nancy Astor and Nancy Lancaster: Table Settings, Recipes, Flower Arrangements, and Decorating (Rizzoli, $40) showcases timeless recipes and inspirations from cousins Nancy Astor and celebrated interior designer Nancy Lancaster.