Masterful Mix

Award-winning architectural designer William T. Baker is a master of classical architecture thanks to his devotion to detail, scale and proportion. Through rich photographs, the third volume of Images Publishing’s Classicist series, Great American Homes, displays Baker’s command for the craft     

What role has classical architecture played in shaping the South’s current architectural landscape?
Classical architecture has deep roots in the South. Great American Homes reflects this classical heritage as it is expressed in our 21st-century lives. While the classical orders may not appear as often as in the past, the best architecture of today is still influenced by the scale and proportions found in that earlier work.

What do you think makes Atlanta’s residential architecture particularly unique?
As I speak with visitors to Atlanta, a frequent comment is how beautiful our older neighborhoods are. I believe this is due largely to our classical heritage and appreciation for elegant architecture that has stood the test of time.

How do you balance classic style with modern lifestyles?
I am a firm believer that form must follow function and that a house is only great if it meets the needs of the family, no matter how beautiful it is. The challenge is how to blend the floor plans of today with the aesthetics of the past. Great American Homes: Vol. Three is my response to those who wonder how this is possible.

How does the American dream play into your work and classical architecture as a whole?
I believe my homes are the ultimate expression of the American dream. Americans have always desired to provide a safe and comfortable haven for their families. The homes I am designing today are a continuation of an aesthetic that goes back to the beginning of our country.

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