Buckhead’s Next Favorite Sushi Destination

Chef Jason Liang opens his ever-popular Brush Sushi in Buckhead Village

Atlantans were overjoyed to hear that James Beard-nominated chef Jason Liang and business partner John Chen were relocating their Japanese-style concept, Brush Sushi, to Buckhead Village District. Complete with two private omakase rooms, doors to the new location opened this past September.

The updated menu highlights starter dishes like their Spicy Tuna Tartare, a variety of sushi à la carte options (both Temaki and Maki), as well as a selection of signature nigiri, hot dishes, and tableside services. “Our foundation is established using traditional techniques and flavors, while creating new and ambitious ingredient combinations based off of stories and personal experiences,” says Liang. Brush Sushi is also one of the first Japanese restaurants in Atlanta to offer dry-aged fish. The process of dry-aging enhances the fish’s natural flavors and results in a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Guests participating in an omakase experience learn more in-depth about this particular technique and take part in a dry-aging versus fresh sashimi tasting.

Designed to showcase unique Japanese ingredients and complement Liang’s cuisine, the new beverage program is curated by beverage director Mona McAllen. “My approach to the cocktail menu is to craft imaginative and delicious drinks, like our signature Umami cocktail,” says McAllen. “I strive to showcase my personal favorites, such as sake, while also presenting a product to our guests that is enticing and approachable.”

Collaborating with architect John Moore, Clara Liang, chef Liang’s wife, took the restaurant’s design to new heights. From the ceiling to the velvet seating options, shapely light fixtures illuminate the green color palette. A custom wood accent wall, sleek black tiles, and an expansive bar add to the overall ambience of the space. The restaurant’s omakase rooms elevate the experience—one seating 18 guests (which also plays host to their Tuna Cutting and Sushi Making classes) and another accommodating 10. “Our smaller omakase room is a bit more intimate,” says Chen. “Most omakase experiences are a shared experience with other diners, but in our smaller room, you’re able to have exclusive time with your guests as chef Jason navigates your evening.” Exclusively called “O by Brush,” the omakase dining venture led by Liang is a must-do for all food lovers. brushatl.com