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Melanie Turner's new Galleries of Peachtree Hills office space.

It’s been little more than a year since interior designer Melanie Turner moved her business to the Galleries of Peachtree Hills, but her 10-person staff has grown quickly, and theyre maximizing the potential of every crevice of the 1,235-square-foot space. “It’s fresh, clean and elegant,” says Turner of the light-filled Buckhead office, which employs long linen drapery dividers to designate desk areas for each designer and an all-white color scheme to allow features like dark floors and iron-clad windows and doors to create a sense of drama.

Turner’s signature glamour is perhaps most fully on display in the designer’s own office, where a custom wallcovering designed by Turner and Penshaw Hill enlivens a room already ripe with statement, including a brass giraffe from England and overscale painting by Todd Murphy. It’s the office’s rear designer resource room, however, where much of the magic happens thanks to a devoted design team always on the go and sourcing the perfect combinations.

Design at Work: The center of the Melanie Turner Interiors office is divided into work areas by linen drapery; the light fabrics create high contrast with the dark stain on the flooring. Flanking the Saarinen table are Maria ottomans from Bradley; the mirror is Carver’s Guild, and the moss mound is Elegant Earth. Winnie, the goldendoodle of Turner’s daughter, Cydney, is a fixture at the office; she often keeps Turner’s Maltipoos, Scooter and Daisy, company.

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