Coastal Ease

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Light and fresh are the names of the game at Alpharetta’s Lapeer Seafood Market, evident in both the 3,000-square-foot restaurant’s airy, coastal-inspired interiors and its hyperseasonal menu of seafood and
locally sourced produce.

“We wanted to create something very clean and elegant, but also a place where people could imagine themselves relaxing and spending an afternoon,” says Maven Restaurant Group co-owner Louis Soon, who helms Lapeer alongside Culinary Director Andy Long.

Indeed, designed by Curious Yellow Design, the restaurant is equal parts chic and laid-back. Fifteen-foot ceilings, white slat walls, brass finishes and abundant greenery echo the crisp, effortless elegance of East Coast beach towns such as Montauk, New York. A temperature-controlled, 840-square-foot patio overlooks the Alpharetta City Center, its glass walls and ceilings designed to create a greenhouse feel.

Matching the intentionally designed interiors is Lapeer’s frequently changing menu, which is comprised of always-fresh seafood and produce sourced from Georgia farms. Expect wild-caught fish and shrimp, a mix of raw-bar classics such as oysters and crudo, as well family-style shared plates and modern seafood-forward dishes (think spaghetti with Sapelo Island clams and “tuna cubes” with puffed quinoa). The beverage program highlights craft cocktails and more than 100 varieties of mezcal—available in 1- or 2-ounce pours.