Creating a Beautiful Bedroom

Six inspiring takes on the bedroom—from the 2008 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Christmas House—are as comfortable and stylish as they are decoratively diverse.

Master Suite

Elegant, Intimate and Well-Edited
A draped wall behind the bed leaves no question as to the focal point in this room. “I love textiles and using them in unexpected ways,” says designer Douglas Weiss. “Essentially, I’m a traditionalist, but I also want to create environments that are fresh and current.” Here his use of fabric not only creates the feeling of a romantic oasis, it also provides just the right amount of visual balance for the fireplace on the opposite wall. It’s all a part of the careful editing that makes this master suite shine.

Bed: Niermann Weeks through Grizzel & Mann
Chandelier: Niermann Weeks through Grizzel & Mann
Bedside tables: Amy Howard Collection
Bedside lamps: Belvedere
Bedding: Leontine Linens
Rugs: Custom through Douglas Weiss Interiors
Desk: Parc Monceau
Mirror: Parc Monceau
Commode: Parc Monceau
Column lamps: Parc Monceau
Tête-à-tête: Jan Showers through Grizzel & Mann
Tea table: Jan Showers through Grizzel & Mann
Painting above mantel: Jennifer Jones through Fay Gold Gallery

Douglas Weiss, Douglas Weiss Interiors, (404) 875-5544



Soft, Pretty and Refined
With an ethereal white-on-white scheme, this sumptuously decorated bedroom capitalizes on the serene femininity that distinguishes Phoebe Howard’s work. Layers of fabrics, right down to the monogrammed bed linens, create a dreamy cocoon of a canopy bed that makes guests feel completely at home. “A bedroom is very important to your well-being and peace of mind,” says the decorator—a concept immediately noticeable in this divinely welcoming space.


THE COMPONENTS Custom canopy bed: Mrs. Howard

Custom pillows: Mrs. Howard
Custom linens: Mrs. Howard
Walnut consoles: Robuck & Co.
Upholstered benches: Parc Monceau
Lamps: Parc Monceau
All art and accessories: Mrs. Howard
Wallpaper: Hines through Mrs. Howard
Carpet: Couristan

Phoebe Howard, Mrs. Howard, 425 Peachtree Hills Ave., Atlanta, 30305, (404) 816-3830,



Modern, Elegant and Understated
In this bedroom, designer Scott Laslie proves—beyond dispute—that a neutral palette need not be boring or even expected. This is a prime example of understated luxury that’s not at all over the top, a retreat where luxury mixes easily with affordability. Fine antiques stand next to purchases from Pottery Barn, new items mingle with those that are recycled and repurposed. “You can create a sense of richness without having to ‘shout’ it,” says Laslie. “That’s important in these economic times.”

Faux shagreen leather bed: Baker, Knapp & Tubbs
Goatskin cabinet: Mimi Williams Interiors
Platner chair: Knoll
Tufted bench: Ernest Gaspard & Assoc.
Acrylic side table: Ernest Gaspard & Assoc.
Rug: John Overton Oriental Rugs
Sunburst sculpture: Interiors Market
Mirrored vanity: Interiors Market
Murano glass table lamp: Interiors Market
Faux fur throw: Pottery Barn
Art: Pam Moxley through Mason Murer Fine Art

Scott Laslie and Ryan Hagood, Scott Laslie & Associates, (404) 532-1900,



Cozy, Eclectic and Refined
Known for his deft hand at mixing both styles and textures, Robert Idol likes to add a surprise spark of color to a room. In this bedroom/retreat he’s taken that concept to new heights by incorporating a contemporary, faux crocodile-wrapped desk in an eggplant hue. “The room’s palette, a saturation of a single color, is kept fresh with the unexpected addition of the eggplant,” says the designer. “And the furnishings reflect how Americans are shopping today; there’s great art, [often] seen as an investment in uncertain times as well as quality seating, but [the pieces] are balanced with a chest that is stylish and well-priced.”

Rug: Asmara
Painting: Stephanus Heidacker through TEW Galleries
Chair: Dessin Fournir through Grizzel & Mann
Bust: Formations through Jerry Pair
Gold bench: Formations through Jerry Pair
Pillow fabric: Donghia
Chaise: Kravet
Desk chairs: Kravet
Desk: Custom by Robert Idol Design
Art above desk: TEW Galleries


Robert Idol, Robert Idol Design, (404) 875-6796



Stunning, Fresh and Au Currant
The beauty of a blue and white scheme is that it’s classic but provides plenty of opportunity to be current, too. Designer Judy Bentley proves the point beautifully, giving this traditional bedroom her signature twist. There’s the slightest Oriental touch in the stair-stepped headboard and matching cornice, their straightforward styling balanced by the curvaceous lines of the French storage piece. And throughout, the room’s two predominant hues team up in various patterns and prints. “Blue and white rooms are like good manners,” she says. “They’re always in style.”




Blue-and-white fabric: Zoffany through Ainsworth-Noah & Assoc.
Armoire: Parc Monceau
Bedside tables: Parc Monceau
Lamps: Parc Monceau
Carpet: Saxony
Plates: Tom Hayes/Toby West Ltd.
Bird prints: Tom Hayes/Toby West Ltd.
Lantern chandelier: Edgar-Reeves


Judy Bentley, Interior Views Inc., 3061 Slaton Dr., Atlanta, 30305, (404) 841-6596



Soft, Glamorous and Alluring
Design talents Beth Webb and Nancy Pendergrast teamed up to create this guest suite, which Webb describes as a clean, crisp and fresh retreat that’s completely welcoming. “I love the color of the walls and how warm it makes the room feel,” says Pendergrast. “The slight sheen to the chocolate makes the space more modern and glam, and the stark contrast between the dark brown and the warm white makes the room dramatic, too.” But, she adds, the draw here is more than merely aesthetic; it’s emotional, too. “The dark chocolate wraps itself around you like a fabulous mink coat!”


Custom bed: Bradley-Hughes
Bench: Bradley-Hughes
Cabinets: Bradley-Hughes
Drapery rods: Bradley-Hughes
Bedside lamps: Baker, Knapp & Tubbs
Buddha head: The Mercantile
Accessories: The Mercantile
Carpet: Patterson, Flynn & Martin
Rugs: Rugs by Robinson
Chandelier: Edgar-Reeves
Pair of chairs: George Smith through The Mercantile
Wing chair: Victoria Hagan through Ainsworth-Noah & Assoc.
Botanical prints: Trowbridge through The Mercantile
Sculpture: Dessin Fournir through Grizzel & Mann
Architectural prints: Mrs. Howard



Beth Webb, Beth Webb Interiors, (404) 869-6367,

Nancy Pendergrast, Summerour Interiors, (404) 603-8585,