Design at Work // Judy Bentley

The workspaces of three of the city’s most respected design firms are as chic and comfortable as the homes they create.

When Judy Bentley was in search of a new office a year ago, she knew she wanted a completely different look than her primary residence, a Georgian-style townhome that is classically decorated in fresh blue and white (a signature of Bentley’s). Her new, airy office at the tony decorative arts and antiques enclave at 2300 Peachtree Road is graced with architectural and design elements that create a bright, open space. “Natural light is imperative in our line of work,” she says.

“The openness, lighting and Asian influence in the furnishings create a calm environment for creativity to flow,” says Bentley. “One of my main reasons for choosing this space was the view of the arched window as you come around the reception wall with the sculptures.” In addition to being stylish and aesthetically pleasing, the new office is also a functioning workspace that offers a blank canvas for Bentley and her team as they create palettes and schemes for the various projects they’re working on around the country.

Simplicity is also key. “I feel like my office is in New York, with its high ceilings and loft-like layout, which is one reason that I kept the space simple,” explains Bentley. “We deal with so many details in my line of work—it is nice to work in a unique environment.”